July 14, 2021

DronaHQ Presents Powerful Task Automation System

Mumbai, India, 2021-Jul-07 — /EPR Network/ — DronaHQ, a Saas based low-code enterprise application development platform announced a redesigned  enhanced automation builder.  The new task Automation tool doubles down on providing a smoother user experience and includes powerful new features and capabilities – giving users a unified platform to integrate their applications and build complex workflow automations rather than relying on several systems.

Speaking about the updated workflow automation, Divyesh Kharade, Co-Founder and CEO- DronaHQ, “DronaHQ automations have for long been a customer favourite but we had quite few   requests to streamline the entire process and make the Automation creation experience smoother. With the new Automation UI,  We believe this will free up valuable developer time who need to use the tool only to set up workflow automations. They can do so without having to create workflows inside the apps. Right from the new UI, if the customer needs to send out a notification, an email, or update the database, they can set it up in a couple of minutes.”

In addition to the original Automation trigger types – the enhancement provides a larger pool of automation tasks to pick from, much like DronaHQ’s workflows and action flows.

Why low-code automation builder?

Over the next two years, 64% of business professionals at enterprise organizations plan to build automations that focus on improving the employee experience. Automations are being put into practice everywhere to speed up everyday operations.

Yet, the dependency on engineering departments to build automation workflows creates unnecessary strain on interdepartmental relationships, which can slow down the entire organization.

On one hand, unstructured tools, spreadsheets, and simple email based solutions are hard to scale and lack automation and integration capabilities. On the other hand, custom built enterprise solutions create more complexities for users, introduce hidden costs, and become a burden on the IT teams to maintain. Emphasising the need for a better way to develop their automations — rather than depending entirely on engineering, Divyesh said, “ This is exactly why we are building DronaHQ and why we’re focused on democratizing application development.  DronaHQ’s low code automation builder serves as the simplistic drag and drop workflow automation solution that non-technical users can quickly pick up and start using as an alternative to traditional business process management (BPM) tools.”

Using the new Automation builder

“We believe this will further help product, sales and marketing operations, and customer support teams with complex process automation needs to instantly connect the disparate tools and automate tasks, for example, sending scheduled payment invoices and reports at end of monthly cycles or setting up a Slack message with a Zoom link for pre-scheduled Sales call on Pipedrive? The new automation UI will help in freeing up valuable developer time to focus on driving innovation, empower non-coders to build the workflow they need themselves and accelerate the entire organization.” Divyesh said.

Identifying developers immense pressure to do more in less time while still achieving their goals, Divyesh added, “It is key for us to ensure a seamless experience for low-code developers so that they can create and extract as much efficiency as possible to meet goals. With this update, we reach yet another milestone in our journey to create tools that enhance developer productivity while at the same time enabling the business user/citizen developer community to efficiently create the workflows, process automations, integrations, tools they need at speed.”


Originally Published at Express Press Release

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