March 26, 2018

DronaHQ aims at offering easy transformation to modern Apps

There are plethora of applications that an enterprise aims to leverage upon but traditional app development and DevOps approach(Resources, time, tools,methods) is not able to cope with huge demand.

Enterprise Mobility is merging into Digital with Apps that can be experienced from multiple touchpoints be it smartphones, smart devices, desktops, browsers, AR, VR, Chatbots, Voice Assistant, IoT or more.  Users are exposed to these experiences and expect similar digital experience for enterprise applications. Key challenges include transformation of existing systems and applications into modern app.  ITNewsBuzz recently had a chance to interview Jinen Dedhia, Co-Founder & MD, DronaHQ, who shared insightful information on Enterprise Mobility market in India and the role of DronaHQ in the market. Excerpts:

Tell us about DronaHQ and the increasing demand of Enterprise Mobility solutions in the Indian market.

DronaHQ is an advanced and comprehensive mobile application platform used by enterprises to quickly and efficiently develop, connect, run and manage modern micro apps over smartphones, desktops, browsers and smart devices. It helps build apps faster and at lower costs while improving usage. Being industry agnostic, DronaHQ can also be used to create business apps for any workflow, process, role, department or industry.

According to, The India Enterprise Mobility Market Report (2012-2022) by Software Type, Security Solutions, Deployment, and End-Use Sector, the enterprise mobility market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 25% through 2022. The factors fueling this trend are growing internet and smartphone penetration, emerging mobility trends such as BYOD, CYOD, BYOA and surging data telecommuting needs.

easy transformation to modern AppsWhat difference is DronaHQ making in the industry and how your offerings are competitive?

Focus on App Usage and ease of Managing Multiple Apps is the winning ingredient here.

There are many enterprise mobile platform providers available in the market but what differentiates us from the others is the architecture and approach of providing a universal app to users and ease of building modern apps using just the web skills.

Another key factor is our enterprise grade security stack that is pre-loaded and the app which is future-proofed for ever-changing mobile technology upgrades. DronaHQ also has various technology stacks for user management, app management, security compliance, customization, content management, making it simple for enterprise teams to just focus on their business elements.

DronaHQ helps transform legacy web apps into modern apps without touching the code base, saving time & resources. At the same time we help organizations secure the existing investments in mobility.

How do you find the Indian Market? Mention any particular challenges that you are facing in Indian Market.
Gartner predicts “70 percent of all software interactions in the enterprise will occur on mobile devices”, while a report from IDC says that by 2019, 75% of workers using enterprise applications will take help of intelligent personal assistants for increasing efficiency and productivity.

The challenges that we are facing are organisations need to evolve and respond quickly to market changes. They need to associate digital with not just IT functions but across all areas of business. Organisations have started thinking Digital Outside to connect with their Customers, they also need to think Digital Inside for operational processes, business models, employee engagement and more.

Which are the key areas DronaHQ sees itself playing a major role in the future of enterprise mobility?
Mobilizing various business applications is no longer an option for organizations. Employees and partners today not only expect a unified mobile experience, but also an intuitive, conversational and productive experience. Hence an advanced platform capable of creating such apps and a user-centric mindset is critical to any successful mobility program, and we at DronaHQ are looking at unlocking this potential.

 How Indian companies (company employees or the end users) are adopting digital transformation

Employees are exposed to consumer apps which have rich user experience and expect similar experience for enterprise apps. Companies are constantly trying to find the right balance between enterprise security compliance and seamless user experience.

DevOps & maintenance of multiple apps is adding lot of resource & time crunch, hence solutions like Unified Mobile App are needed for scaling digital transformation initiatives.

With the rapid pace of transformation and transitions happening in the IT industry today, the big bets have been placed on the game-changers – cloud, mobility, IoT, security, social, analytics and big data. How is DronaHQ guiding partners to ensure they define their own future in which DronaHQ’s products/services will play a role in some or all of these areas?

DronaHQ helps create modern apps accessible for smartphones, smart devices, desktops, browsers, voice assistants, IoT devices or more, thus helping organizations to focus on business elements while we take care of future tech trends. With our platform you can easily incorporate your intelligent assistants, chatbots, AI services, social accounts and more.

What are your investment plans for India in 2018?

We aim to make digital transformation and transition to digital culture easy for an organization with simplified tools and services. Investing in product innovation and  integrating with modern technologies. We are also expanding our channel partners network.


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