May 03, 2023

Top Oracle Database GUI Tools – Our picks

Oracle is a popular database among developers for its distinguished high performance and ability to handle demanding tasks. Even with hefty usage requirements, Oracle is known to deliver reliable user performance.

As your company scales and grows, so does your database, making it exceedingly difficult to track tasks manually. Apart from it, there might arise additional issues of security, data recovery, data storage, multi-user access control, etc. As such, finding the right database management tool becomes your top priority.

We have compiled a list of the best Oracle database management tools to give you an overview of various tools and their features.

Top Oracle Database GUI

Here are our top picks for Oracle Data Management Software for 2023-

Datadog Oracle Monitoring

Datadog is a management platform and a cloud-based monitoring and management platform organized into modules. The modules track the performance of various services and resources, including databases. The tool can determine performance metrics and monitor infrastructure and cloud services. It is available for deployment on-premises or as a software as a service (SaaS) and supports Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. 

Key Features-

1. It uses a go-based agent, and its backend is made from Apache Cassandra, PostgreSQL, and Kafka.

2. Offers life monitoring plus historical analysis.

3. The user interface includes customizable dashboards showing graphs of multiple data sources in rea-time.

4. Users are notified via email, Slack, or PagerDuty


1. It can run on multiple platforms like  Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

2. Flexible and lightweight.

3. Usage-based pricing makes it a suitable option for both small and large networks using Oracle.

4. Appealing dashboard visualizations and graphical reports.


1. It can be overwhelming for new users.

2. Navigation to new areas can be counterintuitive.



datadog oracle monitoring


Aqua Data Studio

Aqua Data Studio is a database and IDE management tool for Oracle. It features a built-in query tool and a drag-and-drop interface that you can use to move query results to worksheets to render them. You can also share visualizations with other users to improve collaboration.

Key features-

1. With a visual query builder, you can generate applications in one window and generate SQL statements from database tables.

2. Plans available for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, MariaDB, and more.

3. It offers a scripting development environment with open APIs that you can use to automate administrative tasks and debug scripts.

4. SQL debuggers for Oracle, SQL Server, ASE, and DB2 LUW to eliminate production issues quickly.


1. A flexible option for devs featuring a combination of database management and IDE for Oracle databases.

2. Users can visualize the data in a display alongside the database.

3. Scripting features are vast and allow automation tasks.


1. The interface can be difficult to navigate for some users.

2. Can use a longer trial period.

Aqua data studio


SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer 

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer is a performance monitoring tool for Oracle databases and works round the clock. It offers a top-down perspective to help users discover the root cause of poor database performance and measure factors such as waiting for events, client machines, users, lockdowns, etc. The alert system it offers works on anomaly detection, which uses machine training to detect deviations from normal operating conditions.

Key Features

1. AI-powered anomaly detection.

2. Offers cross-platform database support for both cloud and on-premises.

3. Expert advice with index and query tuning advisors.

4. VMware vSphere performance monitoring.

5. Round-the-clock monitoring, detailed data, both real-time and historical.


1. Designed for 24/7 monitoring, ideal for enterprise applications and always-on environments.

2. Preconfigured alerts for most situations and work well without any configuration.

3. Features a robust API that supports numerous integrations into other applications.


1. Navigation can be tricky as the interface is not intuitive.

2. Different license types for different types of servers (Oracle Enterprise vs. Standard).

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer 


RedGate Deployment Suite

RedGate Deployment Suite for Oracle is designed for database administration, development, and deployment. It allows you to compare databases, schemas, and tables, and the UI displays the data as a string, so you can easily find un-synchronized data. 

Users can automate the deployment with the command line feature. However, knowing how to code to update scripts is unnecessary. The data is displayed in a row format in the UI so that you can easily locate out-of-sync data.

Key Features-

1. Users can utilize a live, development, and test database between them.

2. Support for developers.

3. Database object deployment.

4. Notifications and alerts help you further investigate and view more detailed information, such as the database’s access history.


1. Offers GUI and CLI tools for modifying tables and pushing out automation.

2. Built-in IDE makes it easy to make changes quickly within the tool.

3. Targeted DBAs and developers, offering more features tailored to DevOps.


1. On the expensive side.

2. UI isn’t as intuitive as other options.

3. Has a steeper learning curve.

RedGate Deployment Suite


Quest Toad

Quest Toad is a database management tool and code optimization tool for Oracle and uses automation to eliminate administrative tasks such as testing, script execution, comparison scheme, and reporting. It supports group coding that allows multiple employees to access schema objects simultaneously. The tool offers over 200 code review rules to ensure employees enter high-quality code throughout development.

Key Features-

1. Debugger for PL/SQL.

2. It uses an algorithm that automatically writes SQL statements.

3. Deployment automation.

4. Collaboration features.


1. Offers many options and features for database administration and management.

2. An excellent tool for code review.

3. Offers enterprise-level reporting.

4. Features a highly detailed code comparison tool


1. Visualizations are poor as compared to other tools.

2. Steep learning curve.

3. The interface can be hard to customize for some users.

Quest Toad


dbForge Studio

dbForge Studio for Oracle is a PL/SQL development environment enabling programmers to assemble their code with constant reference to the database instance it is intended to run on. It features a ‘smart formatter’ allowing users to code the PL/SQL syntax and language. They support data comparison and synchronization and feature Schema Comparision Wizard which lets you compare databases and snapshots before synchronizing them.

Key Features-

1. Features code factoring to help users save time by automatically replacing all references to objects while renaming database objects, code refactoring, etc.

2. Features a PL/SQL editor.

3. Autocompletion verification for code.

4. Onboard debugger to eliminate coding issues.


1. Minimizes project times with automatic code completion.

2. Built-in debugger to highlight issues in real-time.

3. UI is easier to navigate than other similar tools.

4. Refactoring works smoothly, making it great for changes across larger databases.


1. The search functionality could use improvement around parameterized searches.

2. Only the professional version supports the CLI option.

dbForge Studio



Navicat for Oracle is a database management and development tool for database creation and SQL query development. Users can create and edit objects in a database with the help of an intelligent database designer. The visual SQL builder allows you to create and run SQL statements easily. Navicat is compatible with Amazon RDS and Oracle Cloud with support for local/remote servers. You can even generate reports on an automated basis.

Key Features-

1. Available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

2. Supports database replication.

3. Designed is focussed on development more than administration.

4. Database synchronization allows users to update databases.


1. Intuitive and ready-to-use interface.

2. Features a visual SQL builder.

3. Offers code completion to make implementations faster.

4. Supports scheduled reporting, eliminating the need to set a reminder every month.


1. Steeper learning curve

2. Documentation can improve.




RazorSQL is a database query tool for Oracle that supports over 20 different languages, including SQL, PHP, Java, XML, and more. It offers syntax highlighting and database administration capabilities, and the SQL editor allows the user to run queries and edit SQL and PL/SQL scripts. This tool performs similar services to Aqua Data Studio, Navicat, and dbForge Studio.

Key Features-

1. Compatible with 40 DBMSs

2. Creates indexes in a visual format.

3. Users can view database elements like tables, schemas, and functions.

4. Generates SQL for Oracle sequences, procedures, functions, and triggers.


1. It supports Windows, Linux, and Mac, making it more flexible than some competitors.

2. Specifically designed for DevOps and DBAs.

3. Can generate SQL tables directly within the tool.


1. The default layout can get cluttered quickly. UI can be improved.




MyORA is a free database monitoring tool for Oracle that also provides an SQL editor. With MyOra, you can measure performance in real-time and monitor metrics like Wait Analysis, System Waits, DB Activity, Top 5 SQLs, and Top 5 Resource Using Sessions. Data performance can be displayed in various visual formats like bar charts, graphs, and pie charts.

Key Features-

1. It offers a schema explorer to manage database objects, including Indexes, Tables, Functions, Triggers, Packages, and more.

2. SQL editor to write and execute SQL statements.

3. Live monitoring tool.

4. DBA functions.


1. It offers appealing visuals and is great for simple real-time monitoring.

2. Can visualize metrics in both text and visual form simultaneously.

3. Allows users to edit SQL statements directly from the tool.

4. Syntax highlighting is a nice quality-of-life feature.


1. Designed specifically for monitoring, not IDE

Build GUI for Oracle Database with DronaHQ

DronaHQ is a low code platform that lets you effortlessly design your apps and pull data from your Oracle database, display table components, and add and update data easily. Once connected, you can read the Oracle data and display a report while adding action buttons to run SQL queries to write safely to your database. For example, if you have a table for Employee expense management, you can easily read your Oracle data to your database to update the approval status for your expense. Drona HQ offers-

Pre Built UI Controls

Choose from a huge library of 150+ visual UI controls. Immediately preview apps and see how exactly you want to run them. The controls include- 

1. Table Grid – The Table Grid can be used as a standalone control to show data in an interactive format where users can filter data that can be passed to display details.

2. Pixel-perfect UI designer- DronaHQ provides layouts with all visual CSS properties and a drag-and-drop control designer to allow users to create stunning frontend internal tools with custom UI components and layouts.

Web + Mobile 

DronaHQ allows engineering teams to develop internal applications that are, by default, accessible over the web and mobile. Users can use them on an end-user portal and a mobile app.

Connect to any SQL or NoSQL database in minutes

DronaHQ connects directly to your PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle DB, MongoDB, RedShift (and more) database, and creates and executes queries. Connect and display the server data in a Table Grid, and add action buttons to write safely to your database. All under one GUI!

Visualize, manage, and manipulate data

DronaHQ supports you throughout your development journey for building powerful GUIs. Loved by database administrators, developers, and business analysts. You can create queries directly against your databases, so your data always stays safe and in one place.

Smart database querying assistant Ask AI

With “Ask AI,” you can generate SQL queries quickly and easily using natural language prompts, saving you a ton of time and effort.

Embed Apps

From POS system invoices, employee self-serve, and customer configuration to real-time dashboards, embed apps in a range of different ways tailored to suit your use cases and needs. 

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