August 14, 2019

[PRODUCT UPDATE] Set Date Format, Time Picker, Menus

We’re pleased to announce new features/changes on Studio (staging) published in this week. Following are the details about these features:

New Feature

  • Builder
    • Date format property has been added for Date Picker control. This option can be found under Properties section of Date Picker control. You can change the date format in Date picker control in the following ways –
      Friendly (Month DD, YYYY)
      US (MM/DD/YYYY)
      European (DD/MM/YYYY)
      ISO (YYYY-MM-DD).



  • Builder
    • Number Keyboard in iOS devices will be displayed when trying to input data in the following controls – Quantity, Area, Bytes, Distance, Litres, Speed, Temperature, Volume, Weight, Currency, Decimal, Percent, Phone, Single Quantity, Number.
      These controls validate itself on focus out except quantity and single quantity.
    • Default values can be selected using formulas in Advance Multiselect and Data Dummy controls. Now you set multiple default selected values in these control using formula in Default Selected Values formula box


  • Sheets
    • Formula column evaluation flow optimized to support formula column inside formula column.
  • Workflows
    • Workflow Analytics: You can now see API request and response details for any API tasks in Workflow Analytics, on clicking status button – Completed for the API task.



  • Builder
    • Time Picker modal shows 12 am even though its 12 pm.
    • Menu list – click event was not working on iOS .
    • Geo map, Geofencing, Pie chart, Donut Chart, Column Graph, Bar Graph, Line Graph, Area Graph controls were not working.
    • Table, List – when filters are applied to these controls, each time when filter updates an extra header row is added in the list.
    • Rules in case of false condition issue.
    • Boolean type bug fix, in case of Boolean control (like toggle button) formula was throwing error. Now you can use toggle control directly in IF condition.
    • “Disk full” error message has been added when trying to publish an app in case if your channel allocated space is full.
    • JSON support added for master controls. Now you can use json data in master controls
  • Sheets
    • Sheet flickers/blinks when formula is evaluated
    • Empty sheet was getting downloaded when trying to download Users sheet.
    • Duplicate unique_id was getting inserted on add row.


  • Workflows
    • Workflow Permission Model – Bugfix #3975 and #3976
      Fixed inheritance dropdown from Initiator tasks in any Approval or Input task. Fixed a UI element.



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