December 23, 2019

Looking forward to 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


With 2019 coming to a close, we wanted to be grateful for the milestones DronaHQ achieved since the launch of its No Code platform, Studio.


It’s been 10 months since our first Beta launch. Since then, we’ve seen DronaHQ achieve widespread, global, and rapidly growing adoption. Over the months we saw 1000+ signups, 3000+ apps and over a million users on the platform with 2 of every 3 organizations reporting adoption rates close to 100%. The overwhelming responses move us and today, we’re thrilled to announce exciting new launches for the coming 2020 at the end of the blog, so keep reading.

What events brought us so far?

March 2019 – Beta Launch of Studio

We witnessed a warm response from enthusiasts from every industry.

April 2019 – Workflow Designer

Learning from our interactions with the users, a sleeker Workflow designer was released to automate tasks

May 2019 – 150+ Apps built

At the 3-months of Beta mark, we closed in at 150+ apps built and run, 300+ sign-ups

June 2019 – New Mumbai HQ

The overwhelming response called for expansion and celebrations, owing to which we moved to a new HQ in Mumbai, India.

July 2019 – General Availability

With multiple enhancements over the course of 3 months, we officially left beta.

August 2019 – Expanded to the UK 

The word spread far and wide drawing in users from around the globe, particularly from the UK.

September 2019 – Birth of a Marketplace

A bold step was taken to help users launch apps even faster. We released our Marketplace of ready, pre-configured applications.

October 2019 – Flexi pricing plans, Dubai Technology Expo

With users swarming in from large enterprises and SMBs alike, it only seemed fair to update our pricing plans. Later that month we also found a welcoming stage and audience to showcase DronaHQ at one of the biggest Technology conferences, GITEX, in Dubai. 

November 2019 – Showcased at Digital Transformation Conferences

An overwhelming curiosity in the UK market made DronaHQ fly to more digital transformation and tech conferences and events further driving us to launch our No Code Workshops for innovation teams, project managers, technology leaders.

December 2019 – No Code Workshops, Accelerating Government Digital Initiatives

No Code workshops conducted across industries with audiences ranging from students to innovation managers, digital IT teams, manufacturers and retailers. 

A great milestone was achieved with DronaHQ aiding and accelerating a spectacular Government initiative by mobilizing various workflows and processes for the stakeholders.

What’s changing in 2020?

Isn’t this the beauty of SaaS? Everything changes yet nothing really does? 

While we will keep updating our platform, keep adding new features, new controls, new functionalities; your existing apps will only benefit from the enhancement without you having to make any changes.  

When can you experience it?

All current, new and upcoming features are up for grabs for anyone to experience in the free trial. Interact with the platform, make apps and pay only for what you require. 

What’s coming next?

  1. Designer, a no-code game-changer, is our UI control element editor to enable users to quickly drag, drop and design UI elements for their app screens, without any coding needed. It will give users more control over the granularities of their UI such as border-radius, border colours, backgrounds, gradient, block size and a whole lot more.
  2. Automation: For those who love getting more done in less time. With Automations, user can set up triggers for their workflows, schedule events, tasks, notifications, data updates and actions in-app as well as in third-party enterprise systems.
  3. IoT & AI integrations. With the world driven towards multi-experience apps, your app development platform should be no less than perfect to let even non-technical users make IoT enabled apps and AI-powered apps.
  4. Admin Panel. Admin Panel will let users transform their spreadsheets into apps within SECONDS! Operation managers and Admins whose work revolves around data create, record, update and delete will love this.


To keep up the promise, our development teams are expanding and working hard to grow the no-code community and none of this would’ve been possible without the incredible support and patience of our users, customers and the entire DronaHQ team spread across the world. You’ve made all of this possible and we are thrilled to move into this new decade to continue building this tool and a service that makes app development an exciting experience for users from all walks of life. 


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