September 28, 2021

Build custom GraphQL Client in 10 minutes

How to Build a UI for GraphQL APIs

GraphQL is the hottest technology when it comes to server-side APIs for good reason. It is incredibly fast to develop, and it makes building front-ends painlessly easy. Ever since its inception, GraphQL’s popularity has been proliferating.  

Why build Front end apps on GraphQL endpoints? 

Say your data is split across two tables and you want to combine and display it together. GraphQL APIs are designed in a way that you can access information from across both tables using a single GraphQL endpoint. The DronaHQ GraphQL connector now empowers users to build custom UI or admin tools on top of GraphQL endpoints quickly. 

How DronaHQ helps build UI for GraphQL APIs:

  1. Ready connector – In addition to a ready GraphQL API connector, DronaHQ offers an exhaustive repository of ready database API connectors so users can combine data from multiple sources and create unified web portals
  2. Drag and drop admin panel – Visually design admin interface by dragging and dropping pre-built components like table grid, lists, charts, form fields, buttons. You can get your custom GraphQL clients ready in no time. 
  3. Query Introspection – Read the schema from your introspection endpoint, and use it for autocomplete and linting.
  4. Dynamic fields in GraphQL – Add JavaScript in the query body when you need to go beyond query arguments and variables.
  5. GraphQL Mutation – Define input variables and their types and run GraphQL mutations just as you would run a query.
  6. GraphQL Subscription – Use GraphQL subscription to trigger queries, refresh tables, etc. when a mutation fires.

How to build a custom web app using GraphQL APIs?

For the visual learners out there, we have a short YouTube video explaining the whole process in detail. In the video, we go over: 

  1. How to configure GraphQL endpoints in DronaHQ
  2. Authentication methods for GraphQL APIs
  3. Writing GraphQL Query
  4. Designing GraphQL admin client
  5. Binding GraphQL data to Table grid
  6. Building Charts for data visualization


Wrapping Up 

Follow along and learn how to build a front end client for GraphQL APIs. See how you can easily build a powerful front end for data sources, fetch data, query databases, and create secure access controlled views for different users. Easily build front-end web apps using GraphQL APIs. 


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