Productivity gains, Time & Cost Savings have influenced the aggressive Mobile & Digital Transformation Strategy at Kotak Securities

Mobilize internal systems like LMS, DSR, application tracker, meeting approvals etc. Reduces Approval Time by 4X

About the Case

A secured container app to host various micro-apps for internal workflows, reporting, application tracker, meeting approvals & more.  The App has tremendously  improved the productivity for ‘Feet on Street’ users.

  1. Launched the customised sales app for Kotak Security with all the features within the record time of 6 weeks.
  2. Within a month of launch, close to 80% user adoption meeting the goal of reducing cost per app user.
  3. Improved sales efficiency resulted in up-sell and cross-sell reducing the cost per acquisition per customer.

“Successive launch and adoption by our field sales team, has encouraged our entire business team about going aggressive on our mobile strategy – Thanks to DronaHQ.”

V Amin, Kotak Securities.

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