January 05, 2024

Launching 30-day Free Trial of DronaHQ Business Plan

Kicking of 2024 with a bang, we’re delighted to share a thrilling update that’s set to redefine your DronaHQ journey. Starting today, when you sign up on DronaHQ with a free trial, you’ll be stepping directly into our premium offering—the Business Plan. This bold move is our way of ensuring you experience the full richness and power of DronaHQ right from the get-go.

We’re flipping the script on free trials

A quick glance at what’s changing: 

  • Seamless Entry into Business Plan: Every new signup will now be seamlessly enrolled in the Business Plan, unlocking premium features right from the start.
  • 30-Day Free Trial: Enjoy unrestricted access to the Business Plan features for 30 days from the date of signup unlike the previous 14-day Starter Plan trial.
  • Flexible Subscription Options: After the trial period, users can choose to continue with the Business Plan or explore other plans like Starter or discuss tailored packages for Enterprise needs.
  • Farewell to Free Forever Developer Plan: We are discontinuing the Free Forever Developer Plan. Existing users on this plan remain unaffected.
  • Introduction of Developers-Only Pricing Plan on Self-hosted (Beta): For teams preferring self-hosting and unlimited users and apps, we present the Developers-Only Plan. Pay only for users building and maintaining the app. End users go free.
  • Opportunity for Previous Users: Users who signed up before the free trial launch can re-signup and initiate a Business Plan trial or upgrade to any of the available paid plans.
  • Free Credits for New Add-ons: Avail free credits for new add-ons launched in 2023 with every plan. Upgrade only when you need, without hidden costs.

Why the Change?

Our decision stems from a commitment to providing an enriched and holistic DronaHQ experience from the very start.

While our platform has witnessed impressive adoption, we’ve always sought user feedback to refine our approach further. The feedback we received highlighted instances where many free trial users, the ones that had a burning need for powerful low-code builder, often wrote to us to enable trial of Business plan features such as SSO, custom UI controls, environments, or app branding. They sometimes needed their MVP apps to showcase more features to get leadership buy-ins, or, CTOs needed to assess how the tool aligns with their security policies, or, the platform’s extensibility needed to be assessed.

The friction caused and the delay our cherished users experienced to get the expected outcome contradicts our philosophy of delighting users with accessibility to powerful developer capabilities from the get go.

What’s in It for You?

The new approach guarantees an exploration of our dev tooling platform with an array of premium features. In addition to the Starter plan capabilities, the Business plan includes custom UI controls, SSO configuration, app styling and branding options, and the flexibility of data environments.

Striking balance between Value and Accessibility

Our pricing strategy has evolved to strike the right chord between value and accessibility. This enhancement to our free trial reflects our commitment to providing you with a seamless journey into the heart of DronaHQ, where premium features and developer-centric pricing converge to redefine how you experience low-code.

The new business plan trials are available starting today. Explore details about what you get with Business plans on our pricing page. If you are already signed up, your trial accounts remain unaffected – whether you are on our starter plan or the free-forever developer plan. 

But we encourage you to explore the advanced capabilities by signing up for a free Business plan trial as they are now free for 30 days! 

Phasing out Free plans – Exclusivity for high-growth teams

Starting today, we will cease offering the Free Forever DronaHQ Plan. Existing sign ups under the free plan will remain unaffected. However, accounts that have been inactive for over a year will be deleted. A series of email communications will go out to the impacted users. 

You may have noticed our pace and dedication to being the best low-code app builder in the market, releasing optimizations to existing capabilities and adding new meaningful features that would push the entire low-code platform market forward. We have even more ambitious plans for the next few years and we decided that we will provide our existing customers a strong competitive edge by limiting free access to the low-code tool. Hence, users can no longer sign up for the free forever developer plan.

If you are using DronaHQ for free to create prototypes, explore integrations, or playing around with any of the add-ons, please drop us an email at with a subject “free forever plan DronaHQ” and tell us what features/data you use the most in your free account and why would like to continue using it free forever.

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