Building an RFP for a mobile app can become a very tedious job. Even for some one who has been involved in earlier projects. Here is why.

Mobile devices and OS landscape changes at a very rapid pace and being updated on minute details may not often be feasible for some one whose core job is not revolving around mobility.

If you haven’t really signed up for any mobile platform to build your mobile app then here is a brief list of must include items in your RFP from development standpoint.

  • Device Authorization: It is common to see users using the app from multiple devices. If the data in the app is going to be classified data then Device authorization is a must to protect the data
  • SSL Pinning: It is highly likely that your enterprise app is going to be communicating with your application server or or some middleware. To ensure that your data isnt compromised at any given point, your vendor must pin the SSL certificate in the app.
  • Handle Rooted or Jailbroken device: Generally this bit is taken care by MDM/MAM. But if your app has an audience outside your internal employees (Distrubtors, Agents, etc) then your app on a rooted device can be huge security threat. Your vendor must take care of this.

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