May 06, 2019

[PRODUCT UPDATE] Workflow Rollback and Advance filter for Sheets

We’re pleased to announce new features/changes on Studio (staging) published in this week. Following are the details about these features:

New Feature

  •    Sheets
    • Filter has been added to Sheets. This is used to filter records in the sheet. This new filter button has been added on the page sticky header and a modal will open on clicking on the filter button where you can write a formula to filter records. A filter formula will be the same as LOOKUP() formula’s filter criteria.
      For example,
  • Workflow
    • App Version rollback will now accommodate Workflows as well. In others when app version is rollbacked to the older version or reverted to a newer version, changes in the workflow will also roll-back or reverted respectively.



  • Builder
    • Add New Screen wizard – On selecting Workflow Screen or Data Collection screen, Text, Email & Submit Button controls will be added by default.
  • Sheets
    • Calculated values of formula on a Formula type column does not fetch in appUI of values of list type columns (e.g. checkbox, radio, dropdown, multiselect, etc) has been revamped.
    • Add New Column button has been moved the page’s sticky header next to download sheet option


  • Sheets
    • Same list type column is visible in sheet multiple times.
    • Same list type column is visible in sheet multiple times.
    • On changing files in a file upload cell, also changes files in the cell above.
    • Enable/disable sorting toggle (for all sorted columns) not working


  • Builder
    • Quantity control data binding issue .
    • Percent control UI issue on the builder .


  • Workflows
    • Workflow Advance Filter fixes
      – For multi-select column type default RHS value wasn’t reflecting
      – The conflict between isEmpty and = operator
      – Conflict between isNotEmpty and <> operator
      – Keywords selection of tasks from dropdown issue fixed.



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