August 14, 2019

[PRODUCT UPDATE] Generate Unique ID, String converter, Range

We’re pleased to announce new features/changes on Studio (staging) published in this week. Following are the details about these features:

New Feature

  • Builder
    • New Function
      • UNIQUEID()
        Definition – GENERATE A UNIQUE ID
      • Usage – To generate a randow system generated Unique ID; for instances – Access Keys/License                  Keys etc.
      •  NUMBER()
        Definition – TEXT TO NUMBER CONVERTER
      • Usage – When there is a number format mismatch, i.e. comparing number stored in a text box with Number control
      •  STRING()
        Definition – NUMBER TO TEXT CONVERTER.
      • Usage – When there is a number format mismatch, i.e. comparing data in Number control with number stored in a text box
      •  RANGE()
        Definition – Given two numbers this function will return the array of integers between these two values enteredUsage – To generate a series of numbers between two numbers
    • Template Engine – Now you can make your app as a template, so that other users can install them and create the same app.



  • Builder
    • Date & Time format specified in the sheet will reflect as it is formatted in the sheet, in the following controls –
      List, Table, Advance Multiselect, Advance Dropdown, Club list, User List, Leaderboard, Product List, Detail Card, Minicard, Banner.
    • Date Picker & Time Picker controls submits data in the sheets in the format specified by the user. The default format that was set was ISO YYYY-MM-DD.


  • Sheets
    • All the formulas that are used in App Builder module are now supported in Sheets. You can use these formulas in Formula column, formula box in list type controls, Filter & Color formula box.
  • Workflows
    • In Workflow Task – When to Execute field, double quotes (” “) were not supported in conditions. Now you should strictly use double quotes (” “) for text/string data.
    • Data type verification and correction engine on submitting form data optimized



  • Builder
    • Data was submitted in string instead of number for controls – Area, Currency, Bytes, Distance, Liters, Speed, Temperature, Volume, Weight
    • Color sidebar was displayed in bottom when navigating focus through keyboard tabs .
    • Actions button – On clicking Save button on Actions formula box, you will see loader on the button until the formula is saved.
    • Space between two Controls inside a Section Repeat (when viewed on Web App/Tab) is now in sync with the controls outside Section Repeat.
    • BINDAPI() function throws error when the API is empty.
    • In CALLAPI(), you need to pass API name without quotes.
    • Validations – When there are multiple validations error messages for a control only last message was shown.
    • APIs having POST methods does not request API properly when trying to Test & Save API in API registration modal.
    • Minor bug fix in controls – Phone, Menu bar, Menu List, Value Picker, Table, List.
    • Unable to drag drop controls in Section Repeat for the first time until you refresh the page.
    • Unable to move controls between page body, page footer and section repeat
  • Sheets
    • In Sheets, value 1 was repeating twice in Submission_id column for newly binded sheet
    • Formula columns get executed in proper sequence, as per their dependencies, in Sheets .
    • In Sheet, some columns display empty cell even if 0 is passed to the cell.
    • In Sheets, values stored in Date Picker & Time picker columns do not match while trying to filter data in these column using Date Picker/Time Picker control in LOOKUP().
    • Text data can be stored/edited instead of numeric data for Value column in composite type columns.
    • Leading/trailing spaces are not trimmed when data is pasted in Sheets – fixed.
      Now data having leading/trailing spaces will be trimmed when you Copy-Paste/evaluate Static formula/Import CSV.
    • Operators ($cn, $in etc) were not working in sheets


  • Workflows
    • Approve/Reject does not work from the timeline view inside a Task’s card in Status App.
    • Incorrect workflow version executes when triggered from Zapier. It takes the version on which the Zapier was configured.
    • API – OAuth issues.
    • Issue in Status App Open Task (to open a screen) when app is newly created and published for first time.
    • In Workflow Tasks – Iteration block, iteration conditions was saved properly but was not populating while editing the task.
    • Deleted columns from the sheet were also listed under permission modal



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