August 14, 2019

[PRODUCT UPDATE] Filter, group, color and sort in Sheets

We’re pleased to announce new features/changes on Studio (staging) published in this week. Following are the details about these features:

New Feature

  •    Sheets
    • Filter option – Wizard has been added for creating Filter criteria. This wizard will be displayed when you click on Filter option.
    • Color option – A new Wizard has been added for creating filter criteria to apply conditional Color for the filtered records. This wizard will be displayed when you click on Wizard icon after you click Color option.
    • Group option – A new option has been added on the Sheets to Group data. Clicking on Group option, a wizard will open where you can apply grouping criteria.
      Group By (Grouping) feature allows you to show your rows grouped together based on one (or more) selected columns (Max 3).
      Please Note – When you apply grouping, you will not be able to edit any values. Grouping is meant to view similar data together.
  • Workflows
    • A new toggle option called isCritical has been introduced in Edit Task modal for API Task.
      This key can be useful to take decisions about whether to stop workflow or not in case of API response failure.Workflow – Support for custom functions added. Custom Functions created an account can be accessed in Workflow.
    • Mail option has been introduced in Notification Task.
      Now Edit Task in Notification Task has an option Mark Mail.
      Enabling this option will also send email to the assigned user with the notification data



  • Builder
    • Dummy Data control – UI removed. This control is only used to get data from sheet and bind into other control with default selected index provided by user, hence UI removed.
  • Sheets
    • Import CSV – Import CSV in sheet will now support data for the following column type –
      Toggle: a CSV column having values TRUE/FALSE/true/false or 0/1 are considered as values for Toggle type column
      File Upload: a CSV column having files urls will be stored in File Upload column. You can also add multiple urls separated by comma.
      Multiselect: a CSV column containing comma separated values in a cell and repeating values in rows will be stored as keywords in a Multiselect type column
    • Users – Authentication has been implemented in Users sheets.
  • Workflows
    • Loader added on Workflow whenever you save a task.
    • Workflow formula evaluations optimized.


  • Builder
    • Required” property of a control were getting applied on decimal & numeric controls (e.g. decimal, currency, number, percent, weight, distance, area, bytes, speed, volume, litres, temperature) even if it is not set.
    • Control Level Caching issue in Composite controls – it shows the last cached value irrespective of the filters applied
  • Sheets
    • Show files after uploading – File upload column on sheets does not save a file until it has been double-clicked.
    • The file can be downloaded using File Viewer after you double click a cell of File Upload column.


  • Workflows
    • Workflow add task scroll position preserved. After editing and saving a task, scroll position was disturbed.
    • Assign Tasks – All options having “To a group of user” optimized. Workflow execution did not work as expected when user list contained emails beyond 5000 records.



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