August 14, 2019

[PRODUCT UPDATE] Excel Time Function, Hide Label, and Places Nearby

We’re pleased to announce new features/changes on Studio (staging) published in this week. Following are the details about these features:

New Feature

  •    Sheets
    • Added Permissions Modal for Sheets. This option can be accessible by clicking on the Options menu for a Sheet on the Sheets tab screen in Studio.
      The modal can change the owner of the sheet, and can assign other users/apps/sheets with read/write functionality, or outright bar them.
  • Builder
    • Hide Label functionality added in all controls. You can now hide/show the controls label by turning on/off the property Hide Label for any control.
    • New Function.
    •  SELECT()
      Definition – Based on given Index, return a value from provided list of values. Values can be comma separated parameters or can be arrays of parameters or, where index starts from 1 and is mentioned as last parameter.
    • Usage – Return value based on rank/index
    • Definition – This function gives one random value between the input entered.This function accepts a integer, string, array and values separated by comma.
    • Usage – To select random question in Quiz
    •  EXCELTIME()
    • Usage – Many Formula requires date in Excel format. Using date from a Date Picker will not work directly. Hence you have to convert the Unix Time to Excel time and pass it to the desired formula.
    •  UNIXTIME()
      Input to the function is Excel Time (in days) and output is Unix Time (in milliseconds with reference to 1st Jan 1970)
      InputForm & OutputForm indicates the format of UnixTime and Output respectively. The parameter is either milliseconds (m) or seconds (s) or in days (d).
      Here Default Input must be greater than or equal to 25569 and should in number of days with reference to 1st Jan 1970.
    • Definition – This function returns those destinations latitude and longitude pairs that are under the distance from the source latitude and longitude.
    • Usage – In Geo related controls
  • Sheets
    • Formula Column evaluation through Workflow
      Formulas applied in Formula column will also be evaluated when workflows insert/update records in the sheet.
    • CSV import with Date/Time column – While importing CSV, you can choose date picker/time picker column to be imported.


  • Workflows
    • Workflow – Support for custom functions added. Custom Functions created an account can be accessed in Workflow.



  • Builder
    • Formula box can be now expanded/collapsed by click on the expand/collapse icon placed before close (X) icon


  • Builder
    • Advance Multiselect – Aggregated data shows first value plus total values (ex. if 5 item selected then it shows first selected item +5 but should be +4).
    • File Upload Control was not getting reset after submit.
    • Menu bar, Menu List, Value Picker, Name, Text, Url, Address, Multiselect, Quantity, Single Quantity, Signature Pad –
      Minor UI fixes.
    • The unit value chosen by user in controls – Area, Distance, Bytes, Volume, Speed, Litres, Temperature, Weight, Currency, will be visible in sheets as it is selected on control; earlier it was stored in full form.
    • Templates: If app is installed in another channel using private key where data toggle for sheets is on, it doesn’t import data in sheets.
    • Templates: User should not be allowed to change toggle of submission sheets in generate template modal.
    • Templates: It is showing names of submission sheets of deleted screens in generate template modal.
    • Templates: After navigating to Templates tab from APPS/Sheets it shows search field of previous tab.
    • Controls which are Read Only or whose Submission Log is Off will now be validated on Submission.
    • Master controls (advanced dropdown, advanced multiselect) default formula issue correction and optimization.
    • “Sheet already Exists” error message displayed at the bottom of the Submission Log Mapping modal.
    • Control Validation errors does not show for controls within Section Repeat.
    • Validation checks (for e.g. less than or equal) not working for controls within Section Repeat.
    • Controls cannot be added into Section Repeat for the first time until you refresh the page.
  • Sheets
    • Sorting/filtering/row colouring does not work on Composite columns.
    • Created_by changes on paste.
    • Last row not visible in some resolutions.
    • Created by expand functionality breaks.
    • Add column issues – column types appearing in wrong categories


  • Workflows
    • Under inherit permission modal, TID’s of the same task were available to be selected.
    • Formula column does not evaluate properly when triggered Workflows
    • Validations for errors in formulas in Workflow Task was appearing even if the formula is correctly written



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