June 04, 2019

[PRODUCT UPDATE] Custom functions supported in workflow, New refresh Pop-Up

We’re pleased to announce new features/changes on Studio (staging) published in this week. Following are the details about these features:

New Feature

  •    Sheets
    • Row coloring in sheets – You can apply colors to specific rows based on filter criteria. A new option called “Colour” will appear on the sheet header. Clicking on the Colour button will open up the menu where you can input filter criteria. Put filter criteria and click on Validate. When the validate results to success, you can click on the color selector button (which will replace the Validate button) and select the color for the filtered rows.
  • Builder
    • Circular Dependency warning – Now you will get a warning message if you try to put circular dependencies on controls in formula box (i.e. using control1’s unique name in control2 and control2’s unique name in control1).
    • A new Refresh popup will appear if you are trying to edit an add when the session is expired.
  • Sheets
    • Formula Column evaluation through Workflow
      Formulas applied in Formula column will also be evaluated when workflows insert/update records in the sheet.
    • CSV import with Date/Time column – While importing CSV, you can choose date picker/time picker column to be imported.


  • Workflows
    • Workflow – Support for custom functions added. Custom Functions created an account can be accessed in Workflow.



  • Builder
    • Publish Package Optimized. Packages will load faster in the app.


  • Sheets
    • Date/Time copy-paste in a readable format is now available. You can copy-paste date/time values from sheets to external files and vice versa in a readable format.
    • The file can be downloaded using File Viewer after you double click a cell of File Upload columnMultiple files upload in File Upload column – You can upload multiple files in File Upload column.
    • Custom Formula Migration from local to API, To provide support for custom formulas now sheet will fetch supported formulas from API instead of keeping local data.
    • Deleted columns appear in suggestion.


  • Workflows
    • Workflow execution logic optimized.



  • Builder
    • API parameters fix for the below points –
      – Headers did not pass in the API request
      – Special characters in the Query parameter did not work
      – Extra quotes passed when dynamic data is passed using control’s reference.
    • Composite control bug – Composite controls reference did not pass value to other controls .
    • App Preview does not load many times.
    • The following controls did not accept negative values –
    • Sheet lookup – does not resets after the filter is modified (using control reference).
    • Time Picker – when formula box of time picker is empty, time picker submits, by default 12:00 AM in Sheets – fixed. Now if the Time Picker is blank, the value in sheet will also be blank.
    • Footer not visible in preview & controls present in Footer not visible in Rules & Validation modal.
    • The formula applied on Composite Controls (e.g. Name, Currency, Quantity, Title Subtitle, etc.) did not display on mouseover and ‘F’ icon of these controls remained in grey color even if Formula is applied.
  • Sheets
    • Show files after uploading – File upload column on sheets does not save a file until it has been double-clicked.
    • The file can be downloaded using File Viewer after you double click a cell of File Upload column.


  • Workflows
    • LOOKUP() & Date time issues fixed. Now you can update/insert data from another sheet or update/insert date time values using Workflows.



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