April 08, 2019


We’re pleased to announce new features/changes on Studio (staging) published in this week. Following are the details about these features:

New Feature

  • Sheets
    • Real-time syncing in sheets (you need not click save button to save data or refresh to view updated data)
      Real-time syncing support for
      – data
      – rows (add/delete)
      – columns (add/delete/hide/unhide)
      – undo/redo
      – copy/paste
      Note: Currently real-time syncing is not available for User’s sheet.
  •    Builder
    • Static values used in the formula box can be seen directly on the app builder view.
    • App Catalog has been introduced- This can be seen when you click on the Apps tab on the home screen.
    • Profile Icon has been introduced which can be seen in place of logout option.
    • App Properties (Console>Apps>App Properties) are now available in the Config section on App Builder screen.


  • Builder.
    • Operators name added in the suggestion list.


  • Workflow
    • Suggestion List has been optimized to open quickly as compared to the earlier state.
    • Use API – modal optimized.
    • API tree preview, new option to add Output Object.
    • API Registration: Response UI correction


  • Sheets
    • Data is not being fetched from composite controls in user’s sheet.
  • Builder
    • Not Start With operator throws an error.
    • Min count operator not working.
    • $in operator issue fixed for number column – i.e. you can directly use multiple values for $in operator. For example Sheetname.columnname $in [1,2,3,4,5]..
    • Single value static data can be assigned without square brackets in list type control (viz. Checkbox, Radio, Multiselect, etc.) – For e.g. a static value “Studio” can now be assigned in list type controls.
    • Advance Multiselect, Advance Dropdown – Static data does not bind
    • Image control – Images stored in FileUpload column does not display in Image control



For the curious souls, here is a signup for early access to DronaHQ Low code platform . Please reach out to me if you would like to know anything specific on Low code/ No Code capability.

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