MADP + MAM = ROI boost for enterprise mobility

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Many end customers of MDM have been using MAM container. Our interactions with top Gartner analysts suggests that while it surely solves the user perception issue of being less intrusive, it doesn’t do anything to get the adoption and usage going.

Mobility is all about usage. If you don’t get usage then getting executive sponsorships on mobility will remain a challenge. Most used & widely needed app for enterprise users has been email.

MAM gives the comfort of providing secured email to the end user but it misses on getting the user hooked to the container. It doesn’t leverage stickiness of the email app for any other app deployed on the container.

Lets explore a bit more on how does this impacts usage. MDM + MAM containers makes it compulsory for:

  • Every App to be discovered by end user; Every app must be marketed by the business team
  • Every app deployed on your MDM+MAM needs to be downloaded by end user
  • Every app needs to be updated by end user

Real growth is about finding and removing friction. — Andy Johns, Ex-Growth Hacker, Facebook

If you see – MDM+MAM container does nothing to find or eliminate this big friction of hacking usage of your enterprise app. And Gartner’s research backs this hypothesis.

Average apps built by large enterprises are 8. And yet another 2.6 in planning stage. Barrier to mobility initiatives are ROI/business case.

ROI in mobility is a function of usage and the most widely used app – email, which is available on the container, does nothing to induce usage in the app.

DronaHQ on the other end takes a very different approach from all MDM + MAM players. It is MADP + MAM offering. This is linked to its core belief that “usage & simplicity is the core of success”.

Inducing usage of every other app by apps that are already being used has been the key differentiator with any other MDM+MAM or stand alone MAM tool.

Case in point: DronaHQ’s unified inbox where all all apps notifications, including emails, are accessible at one place. Not just that – you can access the apps on a click.











This alternative approach makes DronaHQ customers grow userbase very rapidly compared to any of its peers. Connect with us to know more

Divyesh Kharade

Co-Founder DronaHQ, on a quest to disrupt the Enterprise Mobility space.

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