DronaHQ, the quick and easy mobile app platform, is now available as a live, cloud based solution on the official website www.dronahq.com. The platform allows users to build a range of enterprise grade mobile solutions without any programming knowledge or investment.From November 25, 2014, users can directly sign up and create their own branded business apps using predefined templates or custom categories, author or upload content, distribute it to their audience, and analyze and review performance.The DIY capability of the DronaHQ app eliminates the need for business users to learn code or master diverse mobile operating system SDKs. Now, any business user can create a solution for her organization and deploy it immediately.

“With the DronaHQ console, users can implement their idea in minutes. Let’s say a team manager wants a better way to communicate across his team, increase engagement, receive feedback, and generally increase productivity. With DronaHQ, he can create a custom mobile app tailored to his requirement and have his team using it in less than 10 minutes. That’s a huge advantage,” says Jinen Dedhia, co-founder and MD of DronaHQ. “We realized that people are savvy enough. All they need is an easy-to-use interface to build on their ideas, without any hand holding from us. That’s why we decided to make the CMS open to all.”

DronaHQ is being used to build sales enablement apps, employee and customer engagement apps, for corporate and retailer trainings, and more. With the new offer, more businesses will be able to build and validate mobile apps in a cost-effective manner. Once they have vetted the solution, they can move to the paid plans to scale up.

The DronaHQ platform is available to all users from November 25, 2014. Users from any industry can use it to build custom mobile apps and enhance the productivity of teams, departments or organizations.