June 03, 2021

DronaHQ extends tech support in Covid battle

Mumbai, May 26 (IANS) DronaHQ, an India-based SaaS company, is extending help in the form of technology support, in order to allow citizens to combat the pandemic impacts and better fight the ongoing emergency.

In a statement, the company said that it helps corporates, healthcare providers, businesses, housing officials build vaccination management apps to safely and efficiently manage vaccine programs at scale.

Organisations will be able to design, build, integrate, and manage their vaccine programs end-to-end, with a platform that is trusted, flexible, and can be deployed quickly.

“Technology has been at the forefront since the start of the pandemic. With our low-code platform, we want to make it simpler for any organization that wants to kickstart vaccination drives for employees. Companies can quickly set up and run vaccination drives using this software,” says DronaHQ Co-founder Jinen Dedhia.

“Customers can quickly create application for appointment scheduling, dashboards, registration on top of our ready templates and provide self-service capabilities to their staff. They can go live with the app almost instantly and keep adapting to evolving policies at speed.”

Further, the company recently said announced that it will allocate a fund worth $50,000 in a bid to facilitate the development of Covid-19 relief related applications that anyone is trying to build



Originally published at IANS Live 

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