April 26, 2021

Custom Refund Tool for Customer Support Teams

This article talks about the gaps in most refund management processes and how a custom refund tool is helping support teams with a single interface that gives a complete view of customer details, live tickets, and due refunds. Without having to look up across multiple systems and then logging in to Stripe, the CS teams can issue full or partial refunds to customers, cancel payments, and automatically send notifying emails via SendGrid.


Most return management operations run on broken or disconnected tools that lead to a broken process that is cumbersome, and prone to error. While product returns and exchanges may seem like an uncontrollable phenomenon that take up the productive time of your team, the truth of the matter is, product managers have the power to shape the process in a way that reduces the number of steps involved to a minimum to carve out the time for more fruitful tasks.

What critical problems are product teams encountering?

While from a top-level you would think about the cost of replacement, shipping, disposition, if you were to look a level deeper, certain pain areas or productivity killers come to light that product teams lose a considerable amount of time on, further diminishing the perceived value of their roles within the company.

1. Manual process resulting in loss of time

– Slow-moving manual workflows to process refunds, returns, and exchanges,

– Manually refunding return cost within Stripe,

– Delay in approval and slow return authorizations,

– Endless email to and fro between CSR and Customer — gathering product information, sharing return instructions

All contribute to elemental damages to the team’s productivity.

2.Poor Analytics due to disconnected Systems

– Huge disconnects between Stripe, Shopify, Database,

– Disparate email records and notes,

– Improper documentation and classification of return reason

How Customer Support Teams Are Smoothening the Refund Management Process?

Improved speed, lower costs, enhanced customer satisfaction

1. Streamlining refund and deal reviews


Here the app takes care of the customer data from your internal tool, uses Stripe to process the actual refund, and then sends the refund confirmation email.

2. All information you need to know in one place

3. Understand the Bigger Picture

Where do they go from here/Where do the results start reflecting?

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