December 23, 2022

Better pricing structure and more features in each plan

Engineering managers, IT directors, and product managers can now have predictable pricing to budget in for internal tools and custom app building. DronaHQ offers developers an ever-expanding set of capabilities and tools to build their apps and have come with an easier pricing structure, transparent invoicing per user, more features and capabilities in each plan.

We started out on our journey to tech platform offering back in the day when mobile apps were still struggling to find their footing in the B2B B2E category. From mobilizing employee learning and development to containerization.

We have picked up our fair share of learnings and expertise to get to where we are today – a low code platform company for teams of any size to start building secure internal tools rapidly.

We built the DronaHQ low code platform to help technology decision makers in an organization drastically reduce the time it takes to roll out critical operational apps and save valuable engineering hours.

As we come to the close of 2022, we are beyond thrilled to introduce user based pricing plans to DronaHQ.

We offered usage based plans. Tracking API calls and data throughput. Our plans supported unlimited users across all tiers. And always included a set number of tracked apps and connectors. Also, there was a cap on how many admins or maker accounts an organization can have.

This worked ok, but it also introduced certain unpredictability when it came to measuring the usage and predicting usage patterns as the operations scaled. So while usage based is a great way to offer the platform, the inability to determine usage made the adoption process longer for some of our customers.

So, to make the pricing predictable and easier to start with, we moved to tracked user limits.

“Now with the new user based pricing, we include unlimited apps and connectors. And no more tracking the usage. Pricing has been foundational to these capabilities, enabling developers to choose from a variety of pricing plans like starter, business, enterprise plans. These new pricing enhancements will be available for users starting today, and giving all developers unprecedented flexibility and control.” said Kinjal Vora, Growth Marketing Head.

Starting from as low as $10 per user per month for starter plan and $25 per user per month for business plan. A new pricing model was designed to encourage low code adoption.

Key changes to the pricing plans

  1. Google SSO – Customers can now start configuring their Google SSO authentication method right from the Starter Plan (this was previously available in Business Plan and onwards)
  2. Unlimited Apps & Connectors – There will be no cap on the number of apps you can publish and the API & DB connectors you integrate with. This applies to all three tiers
  3. Granular Permissions – Customers can start assigning users to groups and customize permissions to access the Apps, APIs and more from the Business Plan and onwards (this was previously available only in the Enterprise Plan)
  4. Custom Controls – The ability to create and use your custom UI controls has now been introduced in the Business Plans (earlier this was supported in the Enterprise plan only)
  5. App Catalogs – Customers can start segmenting apps into catalogs to determine which user group can access which set of apps in the Business Plan (earlier a part of Enterprise plan)

Check out our new pricing for all the amazing enhancements across the tiers >

Pricing that works for you

Have a huge user base where pay-per-user pricing does not work? We’ve got you covered. Our usage-based pricing plans will remain available to any team that wants support for unlimited end users. The same can be availed on-demand.

Pricing for Startups, NGOs, Educational Institutes

What we’ve discovered is that there can be no one-size-fits all pricing. There has to be some room for special cases and teams that are just kicking off the ground. So, in addition to the new User based pricing plans, we are revamping our Startup credit program and plans for NGOs and Educational institutes. If you fall in this category, feel free to write back to us.

Free Forever Developer Plan

Our most popular Developer Plan is not going anywhere. The free forever developer plan retains all the functionality of the Starter plan. Only when the customer is ready to publish the apps, will we ask for a payment.

The Free plan lets any business to easily get started with low code platform, create MVPs and gather feedback before moving to a paid subscription.

What Happens Now?

These plans are in effect for new customers as of December 22nd, 2022. If you are already a DronaHQ customer, here are some question you might have:

1. What happens to my current plan?

Changes do not apply to your active billing cycle. You will stay on the plan you started with and renew to the same plan.

2. Can I move down a tier?

Yes, however this could lead to loss of some capabilities and access to premium features. Do take a close look at the plan comparison table here.

3. What if I need to increase the limits of my plan?
You can upgrade to a plan that has higher limits. Or you can buy more users for your existing plan, which will increase the limits.

4. How does the 14-day free trial work?
After you sign up for the trial, you can access all the premium features of the Starter plan of DronaHQ free for 14 days. After the 14-day fully-featured trial you can move to our free developer plan. You will still be able to use your apps and your data will not be lost.

5. What levels of support are available?

Our aim is to support customers on all plans. We want you to make the most out of your paid subscription. And so, we will be available across our live chat and support channels. In addition to which you can also avail case-based support and video call sessions with a developer on demand*

Looking forward

While pricing changes are tricky and overwhelming, these revised user-based pricing aims to make DronaHQ more accessible and simpler to begin with. This also makes the pricing a whole lot more predictable for your IT budget planning.

Our new pricing page is now live, so if you’d like to learn more about what each plan offers, be sure to check it out. And, if you have any questions about our plans, please get in touch at

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