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apps transforming business

How Apps can Transform a Business

Shift from mobile age to mobile-first age   With the gradual shift from mobile to mobile-first age, SMBs and MNCs alike have been investing heavily in customer-facing as well as employee-facing apps to realise productivity and sales improvement. App development vendors, to keep up with ..
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Build Multilingual Apps in DronaHQ

Localization of apps become as easy as feeding text into a spreadsheet.   We are pleased to announce support for Localization of Apps built in the DronaHQ environment.  With localization, you can make your app more accessible to users. You can do it without leaving the DronaHQ platform ..
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Digital Disruption

This is the closest the business users can get to the solution development process.   [Mumbai, India]: No Code Platform DronaHQ unveils a hidden opportunity for B2B startups in the no-code space. With the IT departments struggling to keep pace with the demands of the business line, ..
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In the Age of Low-Code No-Code

Between Marc Andreesen and Heraclitus   Marc Andreesen is a genius, he literally triggered the internet revolution with Mosaic and Netscape, predicted that software is eating the world back in the early ’90s and what not. Heraclitus is famously quoted – ‘There is nothing permanent except ..
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