Global IT services firm launches Employee Wellbeing App using DronaHQ – No Code Platform

Gayatri on April 16, 2020

Given the rapid increase in recorded cases of the pandemic, organizations have no choice but to digitize their operations. The tech industry all across the globe has risen to the occasion to provide assistance in digitalization with applications, tools, and platforms. 


With the many disruptions in the workplace caused due to the coronavirus, it is easy to get caught up in detangling the situation and lose sight of the organization’s most valuable resources – the employees. 

With the urgency hitting hard due to the pandemic, the need was to have the solutions up and running instantly. 

The IT organization turned to No-code platform- DronaHQ for a quick response. DronaHQ responded with an Employee Wellbeing Monitoring app to monitor the health and wellbeing of the employees as a daily routine within 2 days. 


The app serves the primary function of assisting the HR teams and higher-ups of the organization with insights on the percentage of their resources keeping well, further enabling them to effectively plan and manage resources by aggregating the daily responses to provide real-time reports on employee wellbeing status. The administrators can also connect with the team members who are not keeping well and guide them on taking necessary precautions. The application also serves the purpose of passing on correct information, tips, and prevention methods for coronavirus to the employees to know what to if they have symptoms similar to those of COVID-19. 


The application further goes on to allow employers to connect their employees with the nearest facilities to help them in getting tested. 


The message conveyed with this app is that, even though times are tough and the teams may not speak or meet as they used to before the lockdown, the employees are not alone and their employers are with them. 


Owing to DronaHQ’s workflow automation, a reminder is sent out to all the end-users to answer just one question on the app, – How are they feeling? If the user replies with a Not Okay response, the form gets automatically populated with a series of Yes/No questions to ask and record the user’s symptoms. The information provides for a dashboard that powers the HR decisions for resource planning and management. 


Another purpose that this COVID employee wellbeing app serves is that of transmitting real-time and accurate information to the employees about the current global and state-level statistics, prevention tips, symptoms, and newly discovered facts so as to avoid them from falling prey to false information.


Organizations can connect with DronaHQ to get similar applications. The application can be easily customized to incorporate personal effects and adherence to company policies given the ease of use of its no-code platform with simple drag and drop form builder, workflow builder and database. To top that, organizations working with DronaHQ do not have to worry about app deployment and maintenance and continue to build digital solutions hassle-free.


Along with the application, DronaHQ is offering its platform services free of charge for 3 months to aid organizations in their journey to build COVID response applications during such difficult times.