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DronaHQ Platform Components

DronaHQ Product Suite


Rapid Application Development Tools to design and develop cross platform modern apps using just web skills. DHQ Studio for visual app development with high fidelity UI. DHQ SDK with Device APIs and REST APIs for code-centric approach for developers.


DHQ Container

Container that supports Smartphones, Desktops, Browsers and more. With features like push notification, offline sync, user management, app usage analytics, deployment options, enabling security policies.


DHQ Unified Workspace

Connectors to extend and manage API to make your organization ready for Digital Transformation. Creation of API gateway, Secured App proxy, AD sync,  DHQ App Refactoring with API mediation layer for your enterprise.


Choose Your Platform license


DronaHQ Platform is offered in three flavours.
All Apps extend features of the native container like SSO, Push Notifications, Device APIs, Security and more.



Core offers you to build a single App while utilising all the underline features of the container. You can build the App using DHQ RMADP tools and just the web skills while enterprise grade features and functionality are supported. This future proofs your App for newer versions and OS releases on smartphone, browsers, desktop.




Microservice allows you to build micro service based apps using RMADP tools and features. This is a perfect license for complex app with large user base. You can focus on business logic while we extend the enterprise grade features of the container for your app for smartphones, desktops, browsers.This enables agile development and scalability.




UEC allows you to host multiple apps on your single enterprise app. It could be existing native apps, web apps, or micro service based apps built using  DHQ RMADP toolset. Organizations opt for UEC (Container) license when they adopt ‘Unified Mobile App’ Strategy to promote higher adoption by solving app fatigue and multiple login issues.


Micro Apps on DHQ Container


DHQ Container is available for Smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows), Browser, Desktop (Windows10), voice assistants.
It can host multiple Micro Apps. A Micro App could be Native, Web or Package Web App.


Native Apps


Secure your existing investments in native apps and offer them along all enterprise apps via DHQ UEC.


Web Apps


Simply host your business web application on DHQ UEC by providing an URL


Packaged Web App


Functional web gets packaged into a native app and can go live without creating a binary.

Some Awesome Tools & Services


Some additional tools to enable enterprise to embrace Digital Transformation.

DHQ API Genie 

Tool to transform your legacy app to modern without touching source code. Reducing 80% efforts of API creation.

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DHQ Lab Services

Rich UI and interaction design services, development of micro apps, backend integrations to various business application.

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DHQ Mobile CMS

It enables you to create and deliver various type of content. Also offer Information governance and campaign management.

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Trusted by CIOs across Industries

“DronaHQ’s platform architecture is key behind offering capabilities to build consumer like enterprise app in a very short time frame, while having the flexibility to adapt it to our changing business requirements. While adoption is smooth and time-to-market the fastest.”

– Pfizer India

“Building on DronaHQ made a lot of sense as it came with in-built security, compliance, analytics and user management features . The container structure is so robust that am rolling out new apps with business critical transactions almost every month without any hassle of upgrading apps by users.”

– HP