DronaHQ partners with technology innovators, system integrators, strategic consultants, resellers and channel partners to help organisation mobilise their business.
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Drive growth and accelerate sales of enterprise mobility projects

Focus on the UI/UX leave the heavy-lifting to us. You are in safe hands

Why partner with DronaHQ?

  • On-device APIs to handle enterprise grade security
  • Nuts and bolts of offline apps built in
  • Out-of-the-box configurations for enterprise policies
  • Hot-code deployment to manage your HTML5
  • White branded, appstore ready apps
  • Universal in-built push notification Inbox

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We simplify things for you

On-device APIs to handle enterprise grade security

Out-of-the-box configurations for enterprise policies

Offline capabilities & data sync options

Lifecycle management of hybrid apps

Support & troubleshooting

Reduced devops cost

DronaHQ certified partner program

Get full fledged access to DronaHQ platform, training and certification to build and deliver enterprise grade mobile apps without architecting and re-writing difficult components and smoothen customer delivery.

Reseller Partner

Partner engages the customer.

  • Become a DronaHQ Reseller, sell our platform and reap great rewards.
  • Access to Partner account to create unlimited prototypes and detailed analytics.
  • Priority access to technical, product, and implementation best practices.

System Integrator

Partner that provide technology integration and business process transformation.

  • Managing design changes, collaboration, data analysis, lifecycle management,and system integration.
  • Offer integration and delivery services, vertical and horizontal business solutions,and in-depth expertise to use the platform.
  • Become a System Integrator if you can offer expertise in specific industry.

Referral Partner

Partner refers to DronaHQ and we own the sales cycle.

  • Become a referral partner or affiliate to promote our platform and pass leads to us.
  • Access wide range of marketing material.
  • Earn commission on sales.

OEM Partner

Partner builds their product on DronaHQ.

  • Rapidly mobilize your B2B software products ensuring complete security and flexibility.
  • Focus on your core competencies, lower support costs, increase end-user confidence and deliver fast ROI.
  • Save on time and resources, by utilizing your existing web development skilled team.