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Admin on December 17, 2014
We are excited to announce launch of our brand new version of Drona mobile, now DronaHQ. It took us more than expected time to come to this version, but we are glad that we have got it right.We adopted fundamental changes to this version. This is evident right from our architecture of the product to its pricing.

Before we got down to laying specifics for this particular version, we went out speaking to all our customers and segmented what they liked in the solution and what they didnt. We took that feedback very seriously and launched our beta with a couple of customers. Their feedback has given us immense confidence to say that here we roll out a robust platform to cater to the enterprise needs of mobility.

Begin with, we had a philosophy overhaul –

  1. We are a platform that will enable you to create an internal app.
  2. We look at the app as a gateway for content as well as other enterprise apps
  3. Our rich built in CMS (content management system) for the mobile devices enables to host a variety of content type
  4. We have an engagement piece on top of it that can allow any enterprise to make their content go active and start making an impact.
  5. Our open middleware allows any enterprise to build more apps on top

We took a look at usage of every feature of the app across our 50K+ users and decided to do away with some features while adding some new.

  1. Completely overhauled the UI and UX of the app
  2. Now offer two types of category layout: Grid & Tile
  3. Introduced multi device capability – user can be logged into his account using multiple devices and we ensure that both devices remain in sync.
  4. Added flexibility to have users in multiple groups and with that a user can be part of multiple campaigns
  5. Added capability to create multiple views for various groups – this makes segmenting engagement possible.
  6. Added streaming capability. We added flexibility of listening to audio stream from a video incase the user is in bad network
  7. Enabled auto fetching of content feed from RSS, twitter, youtube, etc.
  8. Added a major functionality of adding web components inside a category with complete admin control to help him add web apps as well as online content like articles or slideshare or videos.

We have seen non technology folks have been able to have their own app ready to see it live on their mobile phones in 15 minutes. To believe it, try it. We have a free plan, signup now and start building your own app.

Incase if you have suggestions or comments then drop them here and I will be glad to take them up.

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