Virtual Assessment Centers- The answer to the L&D Crisis 2020

Gayatri on April 28, 2020

Exploring Virtual Assessment Centers as the answer to the L&D crisis.

How important do you think learning and development are for an organization?

Important enough for them to spend $356 billion

Yes! A study by the esteemed Harvard Business Review Published that Organizations spent $356 billion globally on training 


The Same study also published that:

  1. A whopping 3/4th  of the 1500 managers from around 50 top organizations were unhappy with Learning & Development (L&D) function;
  2. Around 70% of the employees felt they did not have adequate expertise in the right kind of skills.
  3. A mere 12% of the employees felt that the skills that they learned were applicable in their actual jobs
  4. Mckinsey recently surveyed training effectiveness, and only 25% of the respondents felt that it helped with their jobs.

We hate to be the Bearer of the Bad News but the Learning & Development Sector is Going through a Crisis and this Crisis has especially been highlighted in the wake of the recent COVID 19 Outbreak. It’s high time we react to the crisis.

Why Does the L&D function of organizations lag so much even after such heavy investments?

The Answer could be the Method of Delivery and Assessment. The Industry has been for long plagued by outdated practices which have affected both the companies and the employees equally. In this day and age, every part of the industry is very quick to adapt to new trends, so why are Assessment and Training still outdated? It is, after all, one of the most important parts of the industry and in fact, the learning and development sector should be at the forefront of innovation. To start we should take a look at why it is that the Traditional Assessment methods should be replaced.

Its High Time Traditional Assessment is replaced and here are 6 Reasons why :

  1. It is Not Flexible: Traditional methods always demand the assessor and the candidate be at one location and the assessment in most of the cases has to happen in real-time. If anything the recent outbreak of COVID 19 has taught us it is that we need to be flexible with how things operate so that operations do not halt because of any external factor.
  2. It is Costly: Traditional assessment is costlier in several aspects such as the cost of human capital, cost of assessment centers, cost of conducting the test at a physical center, and not to mention countless miscellaneous costs. What is even more terrifying to know is that these overheads don’t really add any value to the whole process.
  3. Lacks Scalability: Physical Spaces are very constrained in nature, you have too big of an assessment facility, resources go underutilized and too small a facility, you may lose out on candidates. It’s almost impossible to scale to the right proportions because of the ever-fluctuating needs.
  4. Prone to Assessor Bias and Inconsistency: Human capital is the biggest investment that companies make and losing out on that because of human error is unacceptable. As perfect as we may strive to make the assessment practices, they will always be prone to human error and show inconsistencies from time to time, which is unfair to both the candidate and the company.
  5. Low on Productivity: A large amount of time is wasted by both the parties on the commute, setup and several other activities. Apart from this, the assessor has to perform the tedious task of writing a lengthy report. This time could easily be utilized training, hiring and other activities.
  6. Insufficient Insights Generated: Information is one of the most important things when it comes to Learning and Development, if not the most important thing. Traditional Assessment methods generate a very narrow and low volume of information. This leads to loss of both cost and quality for the firm.


We sure hope by now you know what the crisis is all about! But just sitting and thinking about the crisis is no solution but hang on, we have some good news.


The Good News is we already have the answer to the Crisis: Virtual Assessment Centers

Why are Virtual Assessment Center the Answer to the L&D Crisis ??

  1. Much More Cost and Time-efficient: Most assessments can be administered as well as the results can be provided online, this cuts a lot of redundant human intervention, saves a lot of time and a lot of money. The technology required is also very basic and cost-efficient.
  2. Highly Flexible: This gets a separate point because of the recent situation the industry has faced because of the COVID-19. Flexibility has become a leading factor for making any decision and why should assessment and training be left out. The companies that had existing Virtual Assessment Facilities benefited a lot during the lockdown because they got a great opportunity to train and assess their employees during this time.
  3. Cuts across Cultures and Offers Global Access: The virtual setup, standardized approach, and removal of language barriers help companies to communicate across cultures and reach a wider global audience.
  4. Offers a Hybrid or Blended Implementation: Virtual Assessment Centers allow companies to use the best of both kinds of assessments. The assessments can range from a fully virtual assessment to an amalgamation of both. A blended approach also means that employees and companies can smoothly transition from one method to another.
  5. Comprehensive and Error Free: Virtual Assessment offers much more holistic tools that are not only very objective in their approach but also have extensive mapping features to get a complete picture of the candidate’s abilities. An Ideal platform has capabilities such as Skill Based Tests, Psychometric Test, Interview & Role-Play Simulation, Business Simulation, etc. Imagine the limitless opportunities. A large number of tests also reduce the scope of any errors.
  6. Large Volume of Customised Information: Virtual Assessment centers generate a large and diverse volume of information. Contrary to the popular belief they also generate highly customized reports. They use competency, behavioural, and tool wise feedback to generate customized reports for each assessment.
  7. Improved Employee Experience– A fair assessment, helpful feedback and a seamless end to end process are what Virtual Assessment provides and this is exactly what employees are looking for. Giving them this will build the company’s brand as an employer and will attract great talent in the future.


DronaHQ has a strong foothold in the Learning & Development Sector, with several happy clients. The platform offers a plethora of prebuilt modules to choose from, which can help organizations build a comprehensive and flexible virtual assessment center.

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 caused companies to move the Training & Assessment to a virtual platform. The shift was done in a short span of 15 days and all the operations resumed on a global scale. The platform currently hosts a wide range of people from HR Teams, L&D Professionals to Consultants and Recruiters.

In such a rapidly changing environment, when the industry is witnessing a paradigm shift, DronaHQ is here to offer assistance, guidance and ready to deploy solutions to smoothen the virtual change process for you

We will be glad to provide you personal assistance and resolve any queries regarding  Virtual Assessment Centers, feel free to type in the query in the chatbox below!