Expedite vaccine administration for a large workforce

Gayatri on May 21, 2021

DronaHQ is helping build vaccination management apps to safely and efficiently manage vaccine programs at scale. Organizations will be able to design, build, integrate, and manage their vaccine programs end-to-end, with a platform that is trusted, flexible, and can be deployed quickly 

Quickly set up and run vaccination drives

“Technology has been at the forefront since the start of the pandemic. With our low-code platform, we want to make it simpler for any organization that wants to kickstart vaccination drives for employees. Companies can quickly set up and run vaccination drives using this software” says DronaHQ Co-founder Jinen Dedhia.

“Customers can quickly create application for appointment scheduling, dashboards, registration on top of our ready templates and provide self‑service capabilities to their staff.  They can go live with the app almost instantly and keep adapting to evolving policies at speed.”

These apps can simplify end-to-end management of the vaccination process, streamlining vaccine administration, making it easy for staff to register, and the administrators to monitor all while automating the workflows for vaccination administrators. Mobile-first apps built using DronaHQ’s low-code platforms can be easily updated to make changes to the app in support of changing regulations and instantly publish the updated apps. 

Organizations can create solutions for vaccine inventory management, vaccination appointment scheduling, clinical vaccine administration, vaccine outcome monitoring quickly on the platform and allow the:

  1. Vaccine Administrators:  Monitor vaccination drive, manage scheduled appointments, update slots  , Maintain up-to-date information about vaccines, Manage lists of vaccination centers and slots , Configure program as per location and inventory available 
  2. Employees/Staff: To register themselves and dependents for vaccination, make appointments on available slots (eligibility may vary) Schedule appointments by day and time. Users can also reschedule and cancel appointments. Receive notifications about appointments. 
  3. Organizers: Real time dashboards to monitor appointments booked, vaccination rates, slots availability, staff on duty, update or modify workflows.  

The Organizations can also connect the apps to their employee directory or HRMS to sync all employee information and further speed up the process.

DronaHQ a Low-code platform will help manage vaccines and similar medical supplies with speed, scale and flexibility.

“Whatever the process seems to be, Companies can mold the workflow and the user interface to best fit their needs. In the past year our platform has doubled the features and capabilities and we are helping customers get their digital arsenal out the door faster than ever before,” Jinen added. “We wish to keep applying DronaHQ’s capabilities to support future scenarios that the healthcare industry and changing workspace may demand.”