Training and development – Guide to build the best program

Gayatri on April 24, 2020

Training and development are very important for both new and existing employees of an organization. There are a few necessary steps that are involved in building a strong training and development plan. This guide lists out the necessary things that will help you build or update a training and development plan.

Benchmark against the competition: Your completion can be your primary source of information for what are the best practices going on in the industry and can help you out to identify internal opportunities and scope for improvement.

Getting insights from Employees:  Your employees are the one that knows your organization the best. They can play a critical role in determining the training needs and where the organization lags.

Building internal forms that can help you collect data from the employees quickly and easily is a great way to get employee insights.

Align with the organization’s goals: Training should help the organization to reach its goals in a more effective manner. Developing training around these goals is necessary for making it useful.

Encourage continuous learning and base promotional decisions based on training and performance. Build virtual assessment centers that bring about a sense of challenge and competitiveness between the employees and also help in the evaluation of training.

Innovate throughout the process: Look for new ways to conduct the training to make it interesting as well as insightful for the employees. Human resource departments can use upcoming technologies to streamline the training and development process.

Measure effectiveness: To evaluate the effectiveness of the training it is very essential to measure the results at the end of training by the means for tests and feedback.



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