[PRODUCT UPDATE] Workflow Status App & Multi Image Visual Control

June 11, 2019

We’re pleased to announce new features/changes on Studio (staging) published in this week. Following are the details about these features:


New Feature

  •    Sheets
    • Row coloring in sheets – You can apply colors to specific rows based on filter criteria. A new option called “Colour” will appear on the sheet header. Clicking on the Colour button will open up the menu where you can input filter criteria. Put filter criteria and click on Validate. When the validate results to success, you can click on the color selector button (which will replace the Validate button) and select the color for the filtered rows.
  • Builder
    • New control added – Multi Image. You can find this control under the Visual > Media section. This control supports displaying images from a File Upload type column. You can also bind a URL type column or any column containing image URLs. When you preview or see the control in-app and click on any image, the enlarged version of the image will be displayed in the In-App browser.Please Note: Currently to display images in Multi-Image control from a File Upload column (where each cell has multiple images), you need to put the LOOKUP() within FLATTEN() function.
    • Control level caching of data made available. You can find the Caching toggle on the Properties pane of control. This feature will cache the data used in the control which will make your app run faster and make data available in an offline mode.Please Note: Microapp needs to run at least once in online mode to initiate caching. A new Refresh popup will appear if you are trying to edit an add when the session is expired.
  • Workflows
    • Workflow Status App Widget has been introduced.
      A floating bubble will appear on the screen when a user opens the screen after clicking on Open Task in Workflow Status App. On clicking the bubble (the Status app widget), will show the workflow timelines details of the corresponding input form.



  • Builder
    • Default Selected Item Index property has been added on these list controls – product list, user list, leaderboard, detail card, mini card, banner, dropdown. This property will by default select the data row based on the Index specified.
  • Sheets
    • Auto-detect column type while importing from CSV file.
      Column type with format (if applicable) will be auto-detected and pre-selected on the Upload Data from CSV File modal along with accuracy in percentage. The Upload Data from CSV File modal will also display Total rows imported and avg. accuracy on the top of the modal.
      Accuracy percentage will indicate the correctness of the data based on the column type. For instance, if the column type is Date and a cell in the CSV file corresponding to the Date column has a text value, say “abc”, then such data does not matches the format of the column type and hence is incorrect. The Accuracy will reflect the percentage of correct data.
    • Underscore is allowed in the column name.
  • Workflows
    • Formula evaluation for IF conditions modified.
    • Status App input data UI update – Added colours for list type data.
    • Extra keys (version, submitted by, etc.) in Status App Submitted data details has been removed.


  • Builder
    • List controls (product list, user list, leaderboard, detail card, mini card, banner, dropdown) – does not resets after the filter is modified (using control reference).
    • “No Data Present” message will be displayed when formula returns blank or no data in the following controls – club List, product list, user list, leaderboard, detail card, mini card, banner, dropdown controls. Composite control bug – Composite controls reference did not pass a value to other controls.
  • Sheets
    • Options Colours – Colours were not getting saved in DB for options in list type.
    • Filter/Row color popup gets closed when clicking on suggestions.
    • Horizontal scroll – sheets gets scrolled to very left when horizontally scrolled.
    • Add column popup stays open when clicked outside.
    • Option popup doesn’t get open when a column gets unhide.


  • Workflows
    • “INITIATED” keyword not working properly.
    • Issue – File control data does not get inserted in File Upload column.
    • Submitted data of controls – Sheet Lookup/Advance Dropdown/Advance Multiselect were not displayed in Status App Workflow Timeline details.
    • Insert Task – When inserting values in Multiselect column using LOOKUP on the same column does not work.



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