April 08, 2019

We’re pleased to announce new features/changes on Studio (staging) published in this week. Following are the details about these features:

New Feature

  • Sheets

New option to see Summary for a column in sheets.

    • You will find this option below the column name. This is used to give information about your data in a given column. When you click on it, you will find the following options –
      Unique – Will give you the number of Unique values in that column
      Filled – Will fetch the number of cells that are not empty in that column
      Empty – Will fetch the number of cells that are empty in that column
      % Unique – Will give you the ratio of Unique value in percent in that column
      %Filled – Will give you the ratio of Non-empty cells in percent in that column
      %Empty – Will give you the ratio of empty cells in percent in that column
      None – Will reset the summary options.
  •    Builder

New control added – Club list

  • This control is a type of List control (visual control) where you can group data based on a common value. For example, if you want to display employees based on Departments, then you can group and show data based on department. This can be achieved using lookup formula, where, the first column in lookup will be used to group the list. As shown in the below example E.g. – LOOKUP([BaseSheet.department,BaseSheet.name.first_name])


New control added – Add To Calendar

  • This control is used to create a calendar event in your phone calendar. When you click on the button/control, it will open the calendar app in your phone and populate add event screen.
  • The add event screen will display data based on the data fetched in the control using formula.
  • Currently the control is limited to the following structure –
    – Only Lookup formula is supported.
    – Only 4 columns need to be there in the Lookup formula for this control – 1st column would represent title of event (has to be string), 2nd column would represent description, 3rd column is meant for start date of calendar event & 4th is end date.

Note – this control will not work as desired in the preview mode as it is designed to invoke calendar app in mobile devices.

    • Analytics – Workflow Analytics details & App AnalyticsWorkflow Analytics page will display the statistics of Workflows executed across microapps.
      It displays the number of workflows under Complete, Pending, Approved, Rejected state. It also displays Total number of workflows executed so far. When you click on the statistics details under a microapp, it will redirect you to the Workflow Analytics Details page.Workflow Analytics Details page displays details of all the workflows triggered through the microapp. It shows the following details –
      Status – It shows the workflow status of that workflow instance.
      Initiator – Shows details of user who initiated the workflow instance. The initiated date & the end date of the workflow instance
      Time – It shows the number of hours taken to complete the workflow instance.
      Tasks – The subsequent columns will display the state of the workflow instance for each task present in the workflow. When you mouseover it, a popup modal will open showing the Task Name, Initiated by, Assigned to, Initiated at information about the task.
      Filter – You can also filter the analytics with respect to version, Initiator, Start & End Date (of workflow instance) and Status. After the selection of any filter criteria, you need to click on Filter button to filter the workflow analytics.App Analytics page will display the app & microapp usage statistics details. This statistics is the same as that of DronaHQ Console.


  • Builder.
    • Options list in Advance Multiselect, Dropdown, Advance Dropdown, Sheet Lookup are now responsive based on the number of rows fetched. If the number of rows are more than 10, the list will occupy the entire screen.



  • Sheets
    • Formula doesn’t get updated when paste values in list type columns.
    • Select all rows and delete all rows sheet crashes.
    • Sheet crashes when opened for the first time


  • Builder
    • Image control – image does not refresh on change if blank value is passed.
    • Submission log column mapping change not reflecting.
    • Formula box unique name overlapping to close icon.
    • Onload formula not triggering on single selection bug.
    • Advance Multiselect, Advance Dropdown – Static data does not bind
    • Image control – Images stored in FileUpload column does not display in Image control



For the curious souls, here is a signup for early access to DronaHQ Low code platform . Please reach out to me if you would like to know anything specific on Low code/ No Code capability.

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