[PRODUCT UPDATE] Control Editor, Iterative Tasks, Setting Permission for field display

Gayatri on August 14, 2019

We’re pleased to announce new features/changes on Studio (staging) published in this week. Following are the details about these features:

New Feature

  •    Sheets
    • Control Builder interface (Control Editor) has been introduced for developers to develop new controls or edit existing one in their channel. You can access the Editor using this url on Staging – https://staging.studio.dronahq.com/control_editor.aspx.
    • On pressing back button (device back button) on Android devices, a screen’s Left Icon navigation event will be triggered.
  • Builder
    • Circular Dependency warning – Now you will get a warning message if you try to put circular dependencies on controls in formula box (i.e. using control1’s unique name in control2 and control2’s unique name in control1).
    • A new Refresh popup will appear if you are trying to edit an add when the session is expired
  • Workflows
    • ITERATE THIS TASK has been introduced in Update Task.You can now iterate or execute an Update Task repeatedly based on a reference column from list of either INITIATED columns or Last Tasks columns (TIDs).
      How to enable it: In the Update Task, on the screen where you select Sheet to Update information, on top of that screen, you will see a section called – TASK ITERATION INFORMATION. Enabling this option will show GROUP DATA SOURCE & CONDITION TO EXECUTE ITERATION.
    • A new option called “Set Permission for Fields Display” has been introduced in Input and Approval Tasks.



  • Builder
    • Advance multi-select has new property named Summarized View
      When you enable it and select the data in preview/app and close the list, the control will show the first selected value as bubble and will display the count of remaining selected values.
    • Import from Existing Screen will only import UI controls and not import Submit button along with its sheet mapping. This will enable you to add a new Submit button and map the screen to a new Sheet.
    • Section Repeat properties changes optimized.
    • Date and Time supported in multiselect operators.


  • Sheets
    • On columns update (either by manual cell entry/paste/undo/redo) evaluate and apply row colour on updated rows only (earlier the entire sheet used to evaluate).



  • Builder
    • In multiselect operator right side data will be converted according to left side column type. If left side is number and you are using $in operator then right side array element will converted to number.
  • Sheets
    • Custom operators are not visible in suggestions in formula box .
    • Update row colour on undo/redo not working.



For the curious souls, here is a signup for early access to DronaHQ Low code platform . Please reach out to me if you would like to know anything specific on Low code/ No Code capability.