Gayatri on April 08, 2019

We’re pleased to announce new features/changes on Studio (staging) published in this week. Following are the details about these features:

New Platform

  • Studio

Introducing a new community engagement platform for Studio, where you can create communities, start a conversation on a topic, discuss about various tips and tricks on Studio, and many more. This platform will help you build your app in much more faster and efficient way.

Start a conversation on this platform by visiting the link – https://community.dronahq.com/

Please note – Only production users will be able to log in to the platform.

New Feature

  • Sheets
    • Customize the color of options in list type columns. Now you can change the color of options displayed by clicking on edit icon next to options in the menu.
    • Back button disabled from sheets.
  •    Builder

New Actions added in Action Control – INSERTRECORD(), UPDATERECORD(). These actions are used to simply Insert/Update data in the Sheets. You can use these actions in the following way –

    • INSERTRECORD() – The format of INSERTRECORD is similar to LOOKUP function, where you provide the column name along with sheet name and assign a value to be inserted using “=” operator. You can also use a control’s reference, using its Unique Name, to provide data
      Example – INSERTRECORD([TestData.text=”From Actions Controls”,TestData.date=date_picker])
      The above example will insert a new record in sheet TestData and assign values in the columns text & date as mentioned in the formula.
    • UPDATERECORD() – The format of UPDATERECORD is again similar to LOOKUP function, where you provide the column name along with sheet name and assign a value to be updated using “=” operator. You also need to provide the filter which will select those records that need to be updated.
      Example – UPDATERECORD([TestData.text=”From Actions Controls”,TestData.date=date_picker],TestData.unique_id=4)
      The above example will update the cell text & date in the sheet TestData where unique_id = 4.

      Please Note – Inserting/Updating values in a list type column (e.g. multi-select, checkbox) will be supported in future release.
      Inserting/Updating values in a date/time type column have to be taken with reference to the control’s unique name.
    • Workflow Analytics details – View task details on clicking on Status Card. These details will be shown in a sidebar.



  • Builder
    • Automated tasks (API/Update sheet) integration to workflow Analytics. Now you can see the status of these tasks as well in the Workflow Analytics.


  • Sheets
    • In case of long text in the selected option of list type columns UI breaks.
    • When data gets submitted via app or workflow it doesn’t update real time in the sheet.
    • Composite column schema correction when created from the sheet.



For the curious souls, here is a signup for early access to DronaHQ Low code platform . Please reach out to me if you would like to know anything specific on Low code/ No Code capability.