Mobile Container as a Service: Contain all your Enterprise Applications on mobile with DronaHQ, the Docker for Mobile Apps

Admin on July 22, 2016
Before introducing this topic I would like to mention that I have returned to DronaHQ headquarters in Mumbai, India to resume my International Sales and Marketing work. Moving on to explaining mobile Container as a Service (mCaaS) I will note that this will be the first of a four part series. First I will explain how DronaHQ is on the frontlines of innovation by providing containerization of enterprise apps on mobile devices then proceed by explaining key innovations that have set the table for DronaHQ’s mCaaS offering: The second part of the series will detail Container as a Service (i.e. Docker), the third will cover DevOps and the final will explain Cloud Hosting.To explain this topic it is best to begin with a question:What is a mobile container?

A mobile container is a mobile application that allows for other applications to run inside of it where they can be secured and monitored without interfering with the rest of the phones applications or security settings. By connecting multiple applications through the use of APIs the container can enable single sign on through the container rather than forcing users to verify multiple application accounts.

What are the benefits of a container application?

Managing mobile applications can be costly and time consuming and when multiple mobile applications have to be managed, developing and updating each one can be a major pain. Having a single container app that is updated and maintained frees up time for DevOps rather than being stuck in the mire of keeping your apps live.

Additional benefits include pre-built functionalities like mobile content management, secure offline capabilities, remote wipe and role management. In the end, DronaHQ offers a ready-made mobile app that can help mobilize an unlimited number of applications without the pain of building apps from the ground up. To understand how containerization is helping companies streamline their applications, improve the speed and ease of their DevOps and help virtualize their systems on the cloud, stay tuned for the rest of my four part series!

Daniel currently works at DronaHQ. DronaHQ is a focused mCaaS solutions provider that helps deploy, manage and upgrade enterprise mobile applications. If your enterprise is looking to mobilize their internal systems, manage their existing mobile apps or launch a new mobile initiative don’t hesitate to contact him over LinkedIn or his email posted on July 5, 2016

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