Are You Measuring Your Mobile Sales App ROI Right?

Admin on January 12, 2015

Everyone’s talking about enterprise mobility and employee enablement with mobile apps. In the sales space, mobile sale apps are making their presence felt and appreciated by driving more power into the hands of salespersons and managers.
But how is the ROI measured?  The first discussion around any prospective business buy revolves around ROI. Decision makers involved in the purchase of a mobile sales enablement solution have much to weigh in terms of costs and benefits. But too often, they focus on only a few outcomes, missing out key elements that contribute to ROI. Let’s talk about them.

Salesforce Productivity & Efficiency

Did you know that salespeople spent a mere 35 percent of their time on “selling,” as per a 2011 study? The number would be healthier now, maybe its 50 percent. But I ask you, is that good enough? Your expensive human resources, spending over half their time on non-sales related jobs – all because of practical challenges – travel, process inefficiencies, administrative tasks, reporting, incompetence and inaccessibility of the right collateral at the right time?

Mobile sales apps plug into these holes. They help salespeople:

  • access updated sales support collateral anytime, anywhere
  • create or tweak content on the go
  • manage administrative and reporting tasks from their mobile device
  • always stay updated with just-in-time trainings
  • align with team, department and business objectives with mobile communication

These factors have a huge impact on the productivity and efficiency of your salesforce.

Customer Engagement & Satisfaction

In another blog post, I mention stats that reveal how bad sale experiences root from misalignment between marketing and sales. These lapses hurt customer relationships to a degree where re-nurturing takes months to years!

A mobile sales app ensures sales and marketing messages are always in sync. Marketing teams push out updated collateral that sales teams can consume themselves and also share with customers.

Product demo videos or creative slides on product/service USPs or new features can be used to engage prospects, keep the conversation going, and even cross-sell.

The overall customer experience improves as the short time your salesperson spends with prospects, leads or existing customers is high on value.

Shorter sales cycles

Services and high end products have a long sales cycle anyway. However, with more customers reaching out to sales only after two thirds or even 90% of the buyer’s journey, sale reps need to work smarter to quickly highlight the brand’s advantage over competition, and close the deal.
With a mobile sales enablement tool, sale reps can:

  • access CRM data
  • quickly clarify doubts and concerns
  • show product demos
  • provide instant info on competitive differentiators, detailed specs, use cases, etc.
  • connect leads with product experts, if required
  • offer discounts and deals (updated and approved)
  • prove ROI with an ROI calculator
  • place orders on the spot

Salesforce motivation

Last but not the least, mobile sales enablement solutions help sale reps work better and smarter. They spend more of their time doing what they love – selling – and raking in incentives, of course. Happier salespeople make happy employees who will engage your customers with commitment and enthusiasm. That’s a huge positive in itself.

As you can see, measuring the ROI of a mobile sales app cannot all be quantitative or tied to revenue alone. There are many intangibles, some of which can be analysed through mobile sales apps and some not. Smart decision makers will develop the right KPIs that account for these objectives as well.

How do you measure the ROI of your mobile sales solution? We’d love to know.


Monica is a digital marketer, content creator and technology enthusiast. Her dream is to help more small businesses understand and leverage digital marketing for brand awareness, growth and profit.

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