DronaHQ is included in Gartner Hype Cycle for Rapid App Development Tool 2017.

Gartner Hype Cycle provides insights to IT leaders in enterprises for technology investment considerations for running, growing & transforming their business. The Hype Cycle report identifies 26 key technologies that could affect business performances during the next 10 years and categorizes them as emerging, mature, and mainstream.

DronaHQ ( https://dronahq.com ) is an enterprise mobile platform for building, distributing & managing apps. It is targeted for customers who are not only looking at building apps quickly but also looking at adoption & usage as key for its success. DronaHQ provides omni channel access to apps on all modern devices with its cross platform end point & a complete suite of on-premise tools like API gateway & secured app proxy. It comes with a unique JavaScript SDK on the developer tooling side to accelerate app development that lets packaged web apps to run on the DronaHQ runtime and delivers real-time application lifecycle management that bridges between legacy enterprise client-server apps to the mobile cloud era.