Expediting remote work with no-code apps amid the pandemic

Gayatri on April 29, 2020

We are launching COVID-19 response apps that enable organizations to counter workplace disruptions brought on by the pandemic. The apps released aim to facilitate remote work with apps like employee wellness tracking, health logs recording for employees and visitors, leadership connect, pandemic awareness and safety tips, and WFH time and task management.


The apps help organizations monitor the employee’s health and notify HR & managers in case the situation needs attention. Also, organizations can suggest effective tips and help resources. Some use cases focus on helping organizations continue their business as seamlessly as possible by improving team collaboration and communication, with increased visibility into efforts, further enhancing the employee’s productivity. Health tracking and Awareness apps help the organization fight off fake news by giving the employee real-time stats and information about the disease that is sourced from verified resources. With real-time visibility into the employee’s health, managers can provide employees with the support needed and effectively make business decisions based on resource-availability. The app asks the employee just one question at the start of the day to know how the employee’s health is. The remote work attendance tracking and project management applications are inclined more towards goal achievement by holding the employees accountable for their day’s agendas. The best part is these apps is that they were built within a couple of days and ready to deploy.


We are actively working with individuals, businesses and government bodies in deploying pandemic response solutions to disseminate important public health information and facilitate business continuity. By adding these apps to our Marketplace, we aim to empower businesses big or small to rapidly deploy digital solutions that are future-ready.


“COVID-19 is expediting the digital transformation timelines for even the businesses that were not used to a digital way of work. What might seem overwhelming now is going to become mainstream and we all must be equipped to keep creating value for the customers, the employees, and the business,” says Divyesh Kharade, DronaHQ Co-founder. “At DronaHQ, our aim is to enable organizations with a platform that allows them to tackle any business disruption thrown at them. Remote work is going to be the new normal and the only way to keep up is to accelerate digital transformation and there is no better way to do it than no-code.”


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