Empower your IT Teams with Low-Code Platform

Kushagra Pal on September 08, 2020

Low code is a disruptive technology that enables application leaders, business users, to build applications easily using visual tools, workflows, database connectors, and automation

Most successful companies in the world are those who embrace the culture of innovation. Low-code platforms put innovation into the hands of employees, business users so that they can easily exchange data, share ideas, and effectively optimize and automate any obsolete or labor-intensive parts of their jobs.

Still, all are not sure that it is an innovative technology they must adopt.

Reasons for Resistance

  1. IT Teams and professional coders view low-code as a technology invading their soil.
  2. Misconception that with low-code they will hit a ceiling.

For an effective development strategy and to imbibe the culture of innovation, this resistance must be minimized, and an effective alignment between IT and Business strategy must set up.

Minimizing the resistance from IT Teams

To minimize the resistance from IT teams, the initiative of adopting low-code should begin from explaining the c-suite members of the organization benefits that low-code can bring to the business. Learning which they can push forward this initiative to adopt low-code as an enterprise-wide strategy.

The perception of invading their soil can be changed by showing the benefits of low-code to IT Teams. Low-code platforms always support IT teams. Citizen developers, business users can create their solutions without much coding skills. IT Teams can look after more pressing issues rather than on creating what is possible through low-code.

The common misconception that they will hit a ceiling can be cleared by learning the fact that the programmers are relying on low-code tools to move beyond the basics so they can concentrate more on the complex and difficult coding for making custom apps. Using such low-code tools they become exceptionally skilled in accelerating growth.

What to look for in a low-code platform?

After getting a nod from the higher management and clearing all the misconceptions about the low-code, IT teams can look for the following attributes before selecting a low-code platform to accelerate growth.

  1. No need for the procurement of infrastructure or IT staff to maintain or scale an application. Everything is managed by the vendor or service provider.
  2. Visual drag and drop builder to add and arrange various components to create a personalized app to enhance user experience.
  3. Workflow builder to visually design and automate workflow.
  4. Provision to apply business rules and formulas into the workflow.
  5. Provision to host your App on the vendor’s cloud or your own private cloud.
  6. Provision to easily connect to other systems via APIs, Ready connectors or DB connectors.
  7. Enterprise-grade security ( ISO 27001 and SOC-II certified, GDPR compliant, SAML/OAuth, DLP controls, Remote wipe, and access control configurations ).
  8. Provision to offer granular level permissions and access controls.
  9. Ability to adopt agile. Different environments offered for dev, beta, prod.

Benefits to the IT Teams

Provides Agility- Traditional way of app development is rigid. It is very difficult or sometimes not possible to make changes in the code to modify or upgrade an application. Low-code provides agility to the app development process by providing provision for easy version management, modifications, and change management.

Reduces Shadow IT- Low-code decreases the problem of using technical resources outside governance and authorization of IT that often leads to Shadow IT. By providing the controlled and regulated environment to citizen developers to create their solutions, IT teams can have an oversight over the overall app development process. 

Ready Solutions- Low-code offers a marketplace of readymade solutions to choose from as per your requirements. Business users can choose the relevant app and can use it, as it is or can customize it according to the business requirements thus relieving IT teams from building an app from scratch.

Security Standards and Compliances- Low Code offers enterprise-grade security with advanced security features like DLP controls, Remote Wipe, IP restricted access, SSO, biometric controls, and access control configurations so that users and IT teams can create apps without worrying for the security of the app.

Faster time to market- Low code enables IT to get more work done with quicker delivery of the application. Low-code enables faster time to market by reducing the time from ideation to implementation using readymade modules to create a software application. 

Universal Apps- Apps created using the low-code platform can be accessed over iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop platforms. This helps IT teams to focus on pressing issues rather than making apps compatible with all major business platforms. 

Alignment between Business and IT- Low-code enables better alignment between business and IT. CIO’s can accelerate this initiative by providing an environment where citizen developers and IT teams can collaborate to create applications to solve business challenges.

Driving Digital Change

DronaHQ enables organizations to fulfill the needs of their digital business objectives by providing them a platform to create their business solutions at speed. The low-code platform offers powerful visual tools to build custom apps, ready connectors to integrate your low-code apps with your existing enterprise systems, databases, and third parties using APIs. DronaHQ also provides a rule engine to incorporate business rules into the workflow to meet business compliances, marketplace for ready-to-use apps and enterprise-grade security to secure your enterprise data.   

Being a trusted name in the low-code technology, Leading organizations like LTI, SANY, Mondelez, Colgate, Wipro, etc. are accelerating their digital goals with low code platform DronaHQ. 

If you are looking for a reliable solution to reduce your IT backlogs and wanted to promote the culture of innovation in your organization to accelerate your digital growth, drop us an email at inquiries@dronahq.com