Eight questions to ask to check if your enterprise mobility approach is scalable

Admin on April 09, 2015

“On an everage every company would have about 700+ internal applications and it takes about 6-9 months for building each app” – Forrester research

Most enterprises have already started thinking about mobilizing these applicationsand many enterprises would have made a few mobile apps. To our surprise, not many enteprises have given a deep thought to the challenge that managing and building mobile applications (native or hybrid) can pose to an enteprise and its implications in terms of ROI and costs.

Given that internal demand for mobile apps would be only increasing, it would be a worthwhile to check if your enterprise mobilie application development and management approach is scalable.

Answering eight below questions can get you the needed clarity if your chosen approach can scale.

  • Your every internal application will be a seperate native app?
  • If your company has adopted BYOD?
  • if yes, then how do you plan to meet the forward compatibility challenge for all your native apps?
  • How easy or difficult is app distribution in your enterprise environment?
  • Would a user be hassled for every time an app gets upgraded?
  • If your app would have micro apps (like polls/forums/etc) then would an agile strategy to go-to-market would make sense for all apps? Is your current methodology compliant to help you go agile?
  • Each app would need certain features repeated in each internal app (like user management, upgrade management, etc)?
  • Would the business logic of each app be tightly coupled into native application?
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