'myWipro' App increased Usage of various internal apps while cutting down time-to-value by more than 50% with DronaHQ Platform.

myWipro App wins CIO 100 award for one-stop portal for all transactions for Wipro employees. It provides efficiency and cost optimization through app consolidation and simplification. Speeding Time-to-Market by 60%

About the Case

Wipro opted for a Single Enterprise App approach with DronaHQ. Worklight flavoured DHQ Container [UEC] enabled with SSO, hosts more than 45 internal apps thus promoting app usage and eliminating app fatigue, app discoverability challenges. Now web developers can build cross-platform apps cutting down development time by 50%.

Full-stack mobility platform, loaded with enterprise grade security, DLP controls, user management, ADFS/SAML connection, push notifications and more has boosted the app usage for 70,000+ users generating expectional ROI.

‘myWipro’ App won the CIO 100 Award 2016 for this digital transformation project.

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