Colgate Palmolive improves sales performance and productivity with DronaHQ

Boots Field productivity, Sales performance and Team motivation with highly engaging Apps. Rolling Apps within couple of weeks and easing user adoption.

About the Case

To empower their field sales team, with an mobile app to capture order, stock inventory from each and every distributor, provide on-the-go tracking platform, aimed to improve field sales performance and productivity by making paper tracking redundant.

Customised Apps on DronaHQ UEC with CMS, plugin of pre-built apps, offline sync and faster deployment, ensured customised content, gamification, contest and polls which encouraged higher adoption from sales teams, but also aimed to engage and disseminate relevant information on promotions, price list and discount structure in a fun way.

  1. Customised App along with DHQ pre-built apps plugin enabled to go live within 15 days across 5 native mobile platforms.
  2. With launch of the mobile sales apps, improved sales performance and productivity.

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