Building Smart Apps with DronaHQ

Admin on June 12, 2017
A Smart App is an app that uses a combination of sophisticated cloud services and device-resident assets, such as cognitive services, real-time content management,and behavioural and predictive analytics, to deliver a unique and dynamic personalized UX As the need for smart app gets more real, DronaHQ makes it possible to build smart apps on its platform.Here is a quick look at building Smart app on DronaHQ platform.

  • Sync Me — Apps, content and information are made available across devices and shared contextually: DronaHQ supports multi device and auto syncs contents, apps, inbox and other meta data to stay consistent across devices for a given user
  • See Me — Data is continuously collected about users and their devices to gain an understanding of users’ context: DronaHQ storage APIs makes it possible to store user interactions locally on device.
  • Know Me — Data is used to understand users wants and needs, and to be more intuitive: DronaHQ user APIs allows an app developer t easily know the user and define the experience depending on the user

Here is a quick one on the business case for building smart apps:

  • Usage: more intuitive apps will lead to better usage of the app
  • ROI: Higher usage leads to higher ROI
  • Productivity: Increase in user productivity – do more things with less time
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Saikat Das

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