DronaHQ offers Enterprise browser to adopt web apps in enterprise environment.

DronaHQ Core + Web Apps = Awesome Enterprise Mobile App

100+ apps mobilized; used by over 300k users

DronaHQ core brings Offline capability, secured storage, push notifications, enterprise grade security, SSO to your modern web app. Enhance the user experience by taking away the need to download or upgrade apps and provide one click native access to your users

What does DronaHQ Offers:

  • DronaHQ Core: Extend your progressive web app to have enterprise class offline secured storage, push notifications, access to device APIs and much more across IOS/Android/Windows phones to give a complete native experience to your users
  • DronaHQ Container:House all the enterprise progressive mobile web apps inside one container to give one stop access to all enterprise assets
  • DronaHQ Cloud: We bring to you a seamless way to manage your apps and provide them to appropriate users, update them on the fly or add new one's in realtime, analytics, catalogue management
  • DronaHQ Enterprise Policies: Apply IT policies at the progressive web app's level like accessibility on rooted device, screen-shots and copy paste controls, device authorization and many more
  • DronaHQ Backend as a service: Essential backend services like user management & push notification service is readily available for your progressive web apps to use and build your awesome apps fast
  • Ready apps: We have 100+ ready assets available for enterprises which are commonly used like HRMS apps, Sales force apps, Field service apps, Investor relation apps and many more that can promise to help you provide solutions to your customers faster


  • One app for your users to discover and access all enterprise assets.
  • Single sign on, Offline experience to increase usage of your enterprise assets.
  • Faster turn around time to be available on mobile by cutting down needs to package and publish apps.
  • Enterprise grade security of the container ensures no more spending time to get each app "pen tested".
  • Ease of development with ready connectors, apps & APIs, reducing efforts by 50%.
  • No relying on the end user installing the Web Apps themselves on a mysterious Google heuristic prompt.
  • Stay fresh with background updates, and avoid app-store delays for every new upgrade.
Import feeds, send text messages, and mobilize internal processes with DronaHQ enterprise mobility platform for business apps.