DronaHQ Email Sync

Give access to Work Email on Personal Devices without the need to install an MDM agent
DHQ Email Sync works with Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite mail box

Secured Work Email Access | Personal Device for Corporate | No MDM Agent

It is an agent-less security solution for accessing corporate email without installing MDM agent. It allows your users to activate their office 365 or G-suite mail boxes to throw push notifications on DronaHQ container client App whenever they receive a new email.
“BYOD programs aren't popular amongst users as for accessing corporate emails they need to install extremely intrusive MDM agents.”
Vice President IT ITeS giant
Survey findings show 36% of enterprises use MDM solutions. For some, the solution has been to forego data protection altogether and gamble with their security; a shocking 28 % of organisations are doing nothing to protect corporate data on mobile devices.

This situation could be due to end users challenging, and even rejecting, traditional MDM and MAM solutions because they fear their employers’ ability to access, alter or delete personal data stored on their mobile devices.
Is your enterprise trying to balance between employee privacy and corporate security in BYOD?
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