Enterprise Mobility Platform to Create and Manage Apps

Unified Endpoint Client (UEC)

A Single Customised Native App for all your enterprise apps on Mobiles, Desktops, Browser.

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Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8+

Centralising the most important yet common features of your enterprise grade App.

Completely secured, scalable, white-branded, future-proof App.

Cordova + Crosswalk runtime

A decoupled architecture where the HTML5 and the webview runtime are packaged differently. Giving essential device APIs for developers

Offline sync

Offline availability in a secured way. It supports plain vanilla auto data caching, Offline sync of data, Complete ‘master data’ offline apps;

On-device security

With encryption and security standards being defined, DronaHQ device APIs and configurations gives developers and administrators a ready to use infrastructure.

On-device SSO

Eliminate multiple signing into clunky apps. UEC provides configurable Identity connectors like oAuth/SAML to internal enterprise systems/IDPs/AD

Run your Current Enterprise Apps on UEC flavors.

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Hot code deployment

A unique approach to deploy your (HTML5/JS) micro-app over the air, expose continuous deployment to your developers.

Universal Inbox

UEC offers universal inbox for all push notifications received for various micro-apps.

App Management

UEC encapsulates various app management features for managed and unmanaged devices.

Sandboxed & Encrypted Storage

UEC has Micro-service architecture that supports sandboxing & encrypted storage for each micro app deployed.

An architecture that helps you scale, save go-to-market time and stay focused