Enterprise Mobility Platform to Create and Manage Apps

DronaHQ SDK + Dashboard

Quickly build scalable, engaging apps across platforms.

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DronaHQ Dashboard

DronaHQ Dashboard is cloud based tool which offer's various functionalities to customise and secure your Unified End Client, manage users, distribute apps, analyse and more.

User Management

Manage Users, App Views, Roles and Admins.


Detailed analytics for users, top content, views, devices, micro-apps & more is offered.

Security features

Out of the box configurations for security, enterprise policies, device properties.

Operational features

Push notifications, app distribution mechanisms, upgrade management and more.

Deliver a serious enterprise grade mobile app with HTML5 skills and let us do the enterprise heavy-lifting.

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Content Management

Add, upload, create articles, slide deck, quiz, form, video & more. Set up & manage content campaign.


Extend the cloud features and integrate inside your own app with the easy to use REST APIs.

Login configurations

Out of box configurations for login via AD login, custom login page, DHQ controls.

Branding features

Customise the look and feel of UEC app according to your enterprise guidelines.


Easily integrate micro-apps to interact with DronaHQ UEC (Unified End-point Client) App, DronaHQ platform as well as device hardware features using DronaHQ SDK. DronaHQ SDK provides developers with unlimited capabilities for creating beautiful mobile apps powered by customer data. In the latest release, the SDK can be used by developers of all levels. Explore more about custom app development, add advanced features for secure offline storage & data sync, push notifications, and harness the power of native platform.
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