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Drive your enterprise mobility strategy to next level with DronaHQ

Rapid Development

Pre-built native Container App comes with ready heavy engineering stack needed to build any enterprise mobile app. This covers the heavy lifting for your app on security and necessary tech features and helps you go live quickly.

Faster Enterprise Apps with DronaHQ components

Rapid Deployment

Launch apps quickly on secured container with single click deployment & rollback functionality. Over-The-Air upgrades, auto-sync of provisioned apps allows you to iterate faster for your evolutionary needs and makes your enterprise mobility go agile.

Scale mobile apps without upgrade using DronaHQ

Seamless Integrations

Pull and push data into your existing enterprise CRM, Supply Chain, ERP, LMS, HRMS systems or consume APIs securely on the container with our secured backend adapters or with any standard mBaaS adapters.

Roll out Enterprise Apps without IT team

Mobile app usage report

Ready Micro-App

Platform supports a micro app based architecture. Micro App can be built by you or can be a pre-built one offered on the platform. Library of pre-built micro app like chat, discussion forums, dashboards, leader-boards, quizzes etc. can be added without coding in minutes to your enterprise app.


Pre-built app templates

Platform offers over 100+ ready pre-built templates needed to build various workflow apps for HR, finance, operations, sales functions applicable across industries reducing your time to build UI/UX and the micro-app front end.


Enterprise grade security

Choose the security policy on rooted devices, screenshots, etc. from the cloud. In addition all data at rest is by default AES256 encrypted. All plugins sandbox areas are encrypted. User life cycle is secured. Offline usage is secured.

What can you build

DronaHQ Case studies

Employee apps

Build range of engaging and interactive apps for employees.

Fieldforce apps

Keep updated with latest collaterals and increase sales efficiency.

Distributors and Franchisee

Engage and update your channels with right information at the right time.

More internal apps

Use DronaHQ to add all internal apps on a single mobile app.

DronaHQ Mobile Container as a service

DronaHQ Mobile Container as a service

mCaaS, Mobile Container App Architecture, offers enterprises the agility to spread their core enterprise grade mobile app, across the multiple enterprise apps built, with standardised authentication, security and app accessibility across all apps for an enterprise. Providing the agility to deploy customised mobile app solution for any of business management functions across the organisation.

CMS, security, user management DronaHQ  mobile platform

Device APIs

DronaHQ native container offers exhaustive APIs to developers in addition to Cordova runtime. Offline sync, offline storage, secured local storage features of container are all accessible by the micro apps.

Platform APIs

DronaHQ cloud offers user management, push notifications, SSO, native CMS available to the developers to access cloud features for the custom plugins.

Messaging Centre

Messaging centre provides access to all push notifications received across enterprise apps at a single location and also routes any action to the specific plugin. It enables any plugin to send notifications to the container.

DronaHQ Cloud

Every container app on any device in an enterprise is real-time synced with the DronaHQ cloud. At DronaHQ cloud, you can configure apps for any user, deploy apps, and update apps, set security policies and access analytics.

Analyze user behavior

Analyze who is using the app and how.

Form builder

Build forms for all kinds of processes to collect data using drag drop controls.


Push notifications

Send multimedia push notifications universally regardless of the users’ devices.

User management

Add and manage users from the admin panel with role based access.

Extend your app

DronaHQ Plugins

We build it

DronaHQ supports a plugin based architecture by which we can help you build custom plugins which can be deployed runtime on the mobile apps.

You build it

Use any web based technologies to build plugins using DronaHQ APIs, and leverage native push notifications, user management.

Plugin marketplace

We have a host of pre-built plugins like discussion forums, dashboards, leaderboards, quizzes etc which you can extend.

DronaHQ for Hybrid Business Apps

Web apps wrapped to native

Convert your internal web apps into mobile apps immediately.

DronaHQ API for mobile App

DronaHQ APIs

User our APIs to connect internal systems to DronaHQ.

Scale Enterprise Apps easily with DronaHQ

Scale DronaHQ apps

Add web links, plugins to remotely deploy and scale your mobile app.

Single App for Org with DronaHQ

No multiple apps

A single app for your whole audience. One size fits all.

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Available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry & BB 10.

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