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Our unique pre-built approach helps deliver a high quality app in the least time.

Faster Enterprise Apps with DronaHQ components


DronaHQ plugins make it easier for scaling mobile apps without upgrades.

Scale mobile apps without upgrade using DronaHQ

Hassle free

Roll out apps without active support from your IT, no on-going support needed.

Roll out Enterprise Apps without IT team

What can you build

DronaHQ Case studies

Colgate - Salesforce app to increase market share

We were able to build a detailed mobile app for our nationwide sales team and went live in less than 2 weeks. Since then we have launched multiple campaigns on the same app - Head, Customer Marketing

Propel - Safety assessment on ships and dashboards

We wanted an app to monitor behavioral plan for shipping employees with an ability to push training content. The flexibility of having group level segregation was a big plus - Didrik S, Propel

ING - Employee engagement and training

The talent management team launched a new mobile engagement application on DronaHQ which won an award at the CLO Summit. The near-ubiquitous adoption of the app touched a whopping 80% engagement - CLO, ING

DronaHQ Enterprise Mobile App Case Study

Employee Engagement apps with DronaHQ

Employee apps

Build range of engaging and interactive apps for employees.

App for Salesforce using DronaHQ

Fieldforce apps

Keep updated with latest collaterals and increase sales efficiency.

Distrubutor franchisee mobile app using DronaHQ

Distributors and Franchisee

Engage and update your channels with right information at the right time.

Internal Communication App using DronaHQ

More internal apps

Use DronaHQ to add all internal apps on a single mobile app.

DIY app builder

DronaHQ Platform

CMS, security, user management DronaHQ  mobile platform

Pre-built container app

DronaHQ comes with a pre-built container app across all major platforms. No need to have native app developers anymore. Just configure the app from DronaHQ console and go live faster.

Build, deploy and scale on the cloud

Extend your internal systems on mobile, build newer apps, use DronaHQ content store, notifications and and analytics all remotely without upgrading the apps. No support issues.

Rolebased views and management

Divide your users in to groups and show them icons that makes sense for them. Push content, apps and analyze patterns w.r.t groups and hierarchy. Scale your app remotely.

Mobile app usage report

Analyze user behavior

Analyze who is using the app and how.


Form builder

Build forms for all kinds of processes to collect data using drag drop controls.


Push notifications

Send multimedia push notifications universally regardless of the users’ devices.


User management

Add and manage users from the admin panel with role based access.

Extend your app

DronaHQ Plugins

We build it

DronaHQ supports a plugin based architecture by which we can help you build custom plugins which can be deployed runtime on the mobile apps.

You build it

Use any web based technologies to build plugins using DronaHQ APIs, and leverage native push notifications, user management.

Plugin marketplace

We have a host of pre-built plugins like discussion forums, dashboards, leaderboards, quizzes etc which you can extend.

DronaHQ for Hybrid Business Apps

Web apps wrapped to native

Convert your internal web apps into mobile apps immediately.

DronaHQ API for mobile App

DronaHQ APIs

User our APIs to connect internal systems to DronaHQ.

Scale Enterprise Apps easily with DronaHQ

Scale DronaHQ apps

Add web links, plugins to remotely deploy and scale your mobile app.

Single App for Org with DronaHQ

No multiple apps

A single app for your whole audience. One size fits all.

What customers are talking about DronaHQ.

“With DronaHQ we were able to build a high impact mobile app in less than 15 days without worrying about any ongoing IT support issues.”
S. Das Head - Customer Marketing, Colgate
“As an entrepreneur I had 2 choices for building an app for training my internal coaches, Build it ground up or use DronaHQ. The decision was a no brainer!”
Vishal Gondal Founder, Goqii
“DronaHQ has such a strong content management platform that rolling out content to our users with offline capabilities was a seamless experience. We couldn't think of building an app with such features ourselves.”
D. Ahuja Thomas Cook
“The plugin structure of DronaHQ is so robust that am rolling out new plugins with business critical transactions almost every month seamlessly without any hassle of upgrading apps or managing users.”
Didrik S Partner, Propel

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