Enterprise Mobility Platform to Create and Manage Apps

Build self-managed enterprise apps

DronaHQ provides a HTML5 container to build & manage apps without engaging mobility experts

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Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8+

Why DronaHQ?

We do the heavy-lifting of the app for you. No in-house expertise needed in high engineering areas

On-device APIs to handle enterprise grade security

Nuts and bolts of offline apps built-in

Out-of-the-box configurations for enterprise policies

Hot-code deployment to manage your HTML5

White branded, appstore ready apps

Universal in-built push notification Inbox

How does it work?

Get started in no time, try your own HTML5 now

Step 1

Faster Enterprise Apps with DronaHQ components

Include dronahq.js and leverage on built-in functionality

Step 2

Scale mobile apps without upgrade using DronaHQ

Upload on your account, run enterprise configurations

Step 3

Roll out Enterprise Apps without IT team

Distribute the enterprise grade mobile app

What customers are talking about DronaHQ?

“We were solely able to focus on UI/UX & HTML5 of the app for our coaches which was a big win. Everything else was already sorted on DronaHQ. We could deliver a successful enterprise grade app in weeks instead of months!”
Vishal Gondal CEO - Goqii
“Our employees install a ’single’ Future Group container app. With the app management capabilities of DronaHQ we are able to launch multiple services from multiple vendors to our employees at runtime on the same app.”
Kaustubh Sonalkar CPO - Future Group
“Our apps are targeted towards people on the ships and cruises. Building on DronaHQ made a lot of sense as it came with in-built offline features with the whole security model figured. We didn’t have to rely on internal expertise on any of these tricky things.”
Didrik Svendsen Partner - Propel

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Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8+

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